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  1. Anybody used it on jupiter? It says on gerdneumann.net for the UHC-E: Other uses: Observation of Jupiter's clouds. I wonder if the UHC would also enhance jupiter's clouds, and which of the two would be better for this. Come to think of it, has anybody used either on other planets, lunar, solar? Thanks Gus
  2. Big Phil, Could you attach those two pics, for comparison's sake and to get a better picture (haha) of what you mean? Cheers
  3. Thanks guys, Ronin, it's amazing that you say the eye only sees up to 60° without looking from the side, and to think there's even a 120° ep out there!: https://telescopes.net/store/eyepieces/category/eyepieces-by-field-of-view/100-120-fov/explore-scientific-9mm-120-argon-purged-waterproof-eyepiece-2.html Is all that extra real estate lost because the 'horizon' for the human eye ends at 70 or 80° and even for that you have to tilt your head? Good to read a description of what the immersive effect specifically entails, namely no borders, not even in the far away outer edges.
  4. Hi everyone, any thoughts on which is preferable? One wide FOV eyepiece or binoviewing with two eyepieces in the normal field of view range? Thanks, cheers!
  5. Didn't pay attention to the name, just assumed it was a guy, so I hereby make the correction: ...here are some words from the gal herself, the Queen, Jen Winters.
  6. Hey VlaiV, I bought it in September 2015 which is the north's fall, so maybe airplane temperatures played a role, good thinking, but I don't think so. I said it was brand new because I couldn't use it until only recently because the only scope I had was a 120mm and I didn't want to risk burning it on that before buying an ERF, which I never managed to afford. Then I bought a sv60eds and a baader uv-ir cut but didn't have a tripod to put it on, tragicomically, until I'd say two months ago when I bought the Celestron heavy duty alt- azimuth. So when I finally managed to try it out (once I t
  7. I had to send mine back for inspection/repair and it was brand new. All the way from Chile; it's just arrived in the US. Damn Daystar, they couldn't bother to see if something works before selling it. Makes me mad. All the hard work coming up with the Quark going to waste for failing on a simple but crucial step of the process - end of the line quality inspection and field testing. Sloppiness. Well, they're paying the price for it, and so am I, literally.
  8. Wouldn't know, but here are some words from da maan himself, the king. See if you can get an inkling into the unveiling of the mystery: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/534901-double-stacking-a-daystar-quark/
  9. Sorry!! The comparison is with a Daystar PE 0.5A, not a Quark!
  10. Thanks guys, btw, I had completely forgotten about this video I had seen some time ago of live stream unedited video. On a side note and spoiler alert: the pst mod wins hands down.
  11. I had completely forgotten about this video I had seen some time ago where the pst mod is sharper than the Quark, @ 230mm aperture:
  12. Thanks Merlin 66, I was asking since I use my Quark Chromosphere (anyone out there with the Prominence? Worth it?) on a sv60eds but plan on getting the Orion short tube 80 which is no APO. Maybe as much if not more attention should be placed on the ep that will likely have as much a say in the image that will finally hit you in the back of the eye. The lunts having a single lens definitely says something.
  13. Does anyone have any Ha pictures, especially with Quark or PST taken with a digiscope and cellphone or point and shoot? Just about all you can find are images that are built on thousands upon thousands of stills taken with a dedicated camera sans the ep then processed in Registax or equivalent software to get the cream of the crop. I would like to see exactly what one sees through the ep with variety of apertures and magnifications. Thanks guys (and ...gals maybe?)
  14. Hi, Has anyone noticed any spherical aberration or off axis aberrations (field curvature, astigmatism & coma) in an achromat in h-alpha? Or a better overall image quality in any way (clarity, resolution, sharpness, contrast, brightness etc) using an APO or ED over an achromat? Thanks
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