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  1. Not really going to go there but I went from a very expensive but 20 year old mount to the CGX (which is still $2200 USD, and it took 3 months of support to even begin tracking. I still have backlash issues and am about to abandon the warranty and start tapping set screw holes to align the belts as they should have been if Celestron Engineers even slept in the back of the classes I was in.
  2. Good points, I have to deal with dew but in So California it is combatible with a heater. I was just saying “for me”, the one scope would be... I also would be getting less contrast that I do occasionally miss from a Tak /fs-102 I had a long time ago but just what works for what I do, today. Even that could change in a few years.
  3. I have no view north so have to use Celestrons All Star Allignment anyway or drift with PHD2. Once I finally got it right I put sharpie marks on the tripod rings and little dots on the ground. Its in the back yard so I got 3 large walkway stones and a couple bags of sand and leveled that first. Now it’s usually only off by a small margin on initial setup but for daytime solar would be fine right away. I did have major issues with my new mount that took 3 months to sort but thats a rant I’m not going to go into. I’m guessing eventually the sand based blocks will shift and I’ll have to redo but I don’t want to cement them.
  4. One scope only, it would have to be a 8”-11” SCT with Hyperstar. Remove it and planetary is amazing, put hyperstar back on and /dSO wide field at F2. I don’t see how you can beat that for versatility with a 5 minute change out time.
  5. I just posted in anothr thread on the sam subjec. i use the Antigravity Batteries XP-10 heavy duty. It’s 18,000 mAh and 700 cold cranking amps. I’ve jump started my 4x4 with it a couple times from not driving it and leaving it in the driveway for weeks. It runs my CGX and camera cooler at least 2 days, probably a week haha but I recharge it. Oh and it velcro straps under the tripod tray. We’ve used these in a 4x4 club I’m in for 5 years at least under extreme conditions and only one of about 10 I know of started to bulge after 5 years. a little pricey at $189 US for standard and $219 for the heavy duty but small, portable, and I can say first hand it holds an almost full charge at 6 months. it has a few usb ports, a 12vdc/10A port that is the same as my celestron plug that i split between mount and camera, i think 2.5x5.5 but don’t remember , and then a super high current 700 cca jump start connection. US made. Oh and it also comes with a set of laptop adapters and has a separate 19vdc plug for it. Might want to check it out . https://antigravitybatteries.com/products/micro-starts/xp-10-hd/
  6. Hi, Quick question. 9.25 Edge with a SW 72ED Guidescope on a CGX. Tried OAG and didn’t like “fiddling with the prism depth, spinning around for stars, etc...” so back to the guidescope. the 9.25 is on the mount via the Celestron dovetail it came with, the standard Celestron orange D type 4 screw mounted. I put Losmandy on top for the guidescope and it seems so much more rigid I’m thinking of swapping the dovetails and using the ADM with the 9.25 and the Orange Celestron for the guidesope. Any opinions on adding flexure to guide vs reducing it on main scope? I know, should probably break down and get a second ADM but this stuff gets expensive really fast if you know what I mean...
  7. I use an XP-10 from antigravity batteries. Has the right plug at 12v/10a for the mount and I tee it to power the camera cooler. never gets hot, runs for days, no complaints..except the price. $189 i think US for the regular and $219 for the heavy duty. but its seriously 3 times the capacity of the new celestron I see at 6 or 7 ah. its 18 ah (18,000mah) and has jump started my 4x4 on occasion. https://antigravitybatteries.com/products/micro-starts/xp-10-hd/
  8. Might want to list the time zone. Is that -1, UTC, etc...
  9. Hi all, i’ve had a 1960 ish vintage Selsi 60mm for 30 years originally my dads, bought a monolux 4380 EQ I couldn’t resist but main setup is a CGX/9.25 Edge for astrophotography. not familiar with the new post prossing software so hope to read a lotnhere from the experts. My rig in action. Took off the OAG until i get my pec good and sub 1” tracking. I’m in bortle 7 outside Los Angeles so duoband narrow filters ar a must but still challenging. clear skies... Kevin
  10. I’m new to pixinsight so probably me but in a week i havent got it to complete. it always complains for various reasons about my darks unable to calibrate. I’ll try setting the temp exactly the same and waiting until it gets there next time. Fingers crossed. Thanks guys. Asi294mc pro. Trying osc this time coming from mono world and no joy so far...at all.
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