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  1. Ok, I missed the first thread. An interesting event.
  2. I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but this video of a possible asteroid impact on Jupiter has popped up. For those of you that observe Jupiter often ,and have images taken recently, it may be worth looking for any atmospheric changes around the bands. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LiL7RYG7ac&feature=youtu.be
  3. Brilliant capture Steve. All my cams got saturated by the flash, but I did get the approach on one cam and the fragment on another.
  4. Michael, all 5 of my cams run on dazzle 100's. You can find them on Ebay quite cheap. Just make sure you get the 100. I am running Win7 on 64Bit and 32Bit, and also Win 10 on one of the comps.
  5. Sounds like the same one I captured last night on one of my meteor cams. My East facing cam tracked it from Dunkirk in France, across the channel and up the east coast past Great Yarmouth for almost 8secs. It progressed into view of my North facing cam where it slowly faded out. It was a sporadic meteor about mag 1.3. Your description is pretty near bang on.
  6. I'd say you were pretty much bang on Dave. Yes there are better examples but there are also many worse examples. You did a fine job with an Xbox 360 cam in a rush. Now you know where it is, be prepared next time you get a chance.
  7. Looks a good one to me Dave. Slightly soft on the lunar X shot, but all the pics look very natural.
  8. Same, but conflicting report. Not convinced that is a meteor crater in a rice paddy field. Looks a bit too neat for something that hurtled in from space and exploded before impact. http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/chennai/one-dies-as-meteorite-falls-in-vellore/article8204671.ece
  9. The weather certainly killed it in the south. I had very few clear spells this year. I caught 116 meteors between 3am and 5am yesterday, but zero last night. Bring on the Quadrantids.
  10. They are up there doing their thing. The cloudy weather is definitely spoiling the fun.
  11. I've never uploaded anything to youtube yet but am trying to give it a go. The problem is the compression!! I have tried AVI, Mpeg 4, and wmv but the results are horrible. I've been trying to upload a meteor clip, but it is almost unwatchable. is there a best way to do this or a best format to use. It seems almost pointless at the moment.
  12. Yes, Its up in the loft waiting to be assembled, but IIRC there is one metal block and lots of plastic blocks. It should be relatively simple now. Next problem will be running the coax out of the loft and back in to the dining room obsy.
  13. From Justin at Innovantennas; "The metal clamp (that is the same as the green ones) fits on the loop opposite the feed point, the green clamps are on all others." He also sent me the instruction manual. Hopefully all the bits are here.
  14. Thanks Ian, lots of interesting info there.
  15. Hi Ian, yes that is the one. I didn't spot that quote. I've looked at various pics and could not get a satisfactory answer. I will email them just to check.
  16. Finally got the antenna. Question. It comes ready to assemble and has mounting blocks to secure the elements to the boom. The blocks come in two parts, 1 plastic and 1 aluminium. Does the plastic block go next to the boom to insulate the elements and then the ali block on top to secure it.? Or should the elements be in contact with the boom.?
  17. Didn't see it myself, but there were 3 fireball reports on the IMO website at this time. Seems like it was cracker.
  18. Have you got a link to where we can download the data for Stellarium from Davey. No worries, I managed to do it.
  19. Great images MG. #1 is possibly more pleasing to the eye due to the increased contrast and apparent sharpness making it appear more dramatic. #2 the colours are more muted and the detail less refined and with less contrast. This, to me, makes it look more realistic.
  20. It seems that most folks use the Graves radar in France for their meteor scatter so the antennas are generally pointing SE. There was a fireball SE over the channel last night, so I wondered if anyone got a large ping at the time at the bottom of the pic.
  21. This is all going to be so helpful when I get my rig up and running. keep it up chaps.
  22. Its clear, no cloudy, no clear, well you know how it is. The clouds are flying past at a fair lick but plenty of clear black stuff. Cams are running and data is slowly gathering. I hope it stays like this all night. I'm hoping to catch a few. Could maybe do with slightly less wind. I just hope my roof cams survive.
  23. Hi ian, I opted for the 144MHz 3el LFA design from Innovantennas, in the end.
  24. I've now got my FCD and the antenna has been ordered. Will download software and read some articles ready for when I set up.
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