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  1. Posting is not out of the question. I will have to see how much it would cost.
  2. Starsence autoalign for Celestron mounts. Immaculate condition. £145 delivered. UK only Will accept paypal or bank transfer. collect from Basingstoke if you prefer to pay cash.
  3. Selling My Celestron AVX Mount. Superb condition and rarely used due to ear and balance problems. (I struggle to balance in the dark which makes astro a bit difficult.) Comes with original boxes etc but would be easier to collect as is. I will easily sit on the back seat of a car. I'll include a regulated bench power supply with this mount. It will run the mount, heaters and cams all at once if desired. ALSO I will include this brand new 12v 17Ah battery for mobile use or for when power is not available. now only £400 ONO Collection from Basingstoke. cash on collection or
  4. For sale is my 120ED DS-Pro outfit. Great optics and superb condition but with a couple of minor changes. It has a Baader steeltrack focuser fitted with a SW auto focuser for finer adjustments. Allows for very fine remote focusing even when sat indoors looking at a screen. It has the standard 9x50 finder scope and also a Rigel quick finder. Comes with the usual accessories in the aluminium case. £600 Collection from Basingstoke if possible. Bank transfer or cash on collection preferred.
  5. Hi martin, it is just one tiny hole. The Allen screw is only small, about half the size of the other holes. If you attached a black finder shoe to the scope, it would look quite normal. Everything works fine. I think the focuser is good, and adjustments can be really fine with the SW auto focuser. The swivel and lock works well. I can't find any other issues.
  6. Hi fella. have a look at these and see if you are interested. Great scope, almost identical to the equinox but with no logos. The only defect is the addition of the laser finder. (done by previous owner.) The defect being the two holes for the SW finder shoe. I'm not sure the case is the proper one for the scope, as I've never seen one. I fitted a SW focuser on it. I can leave the brackets on and give you the focuser as well, or I can remove it and put the knobs back on. I'm looking for £250.
  7. I would think It was a plane. A meteor that bright would have had an incoming trail before the ablation. There is a slight trail in the third frame that looks like possible navigation lights. My meteor cams run in real time 25fps and I see a lot of these bright flashes that only last 2 frames.
  8. I have 2 Hotech self centering T-adapters for sale. 2" adapter £20 1.25 adapter £18 Bank transfer of paypal accepted. Or cash if you insist.
  9. Selling Tele Vue 2.5x Powermate. 1.25inch fitting. Excellent condition. £130 posted SOLD. Thanks Keramos Astro Engineering 4x Imagemate. Small scratch on side but otherwise good. £25 posted Antares 0.5 focal reducer. Excellent condition. £20 posted bank transfer or paypal accepted
  10. Baader Hyperion Mark III clickstop Zoom eyepiece. 8-24mm. To fit 1.25inch scope or adapters only. (I don't have the 2" adapter) £110 posted Sold. Thanks Paul73 bank transfer or paypal. I am in Basingstoke, Hampshire.
  11. I'm selling my radio meteor detecting setup as I have never used it. Bought with good intentions but never even come out of the boxes. Funcube Dongle. Brand new, never been used. cost £125 3el 144MHz LFA Yagi 0.67m boom. http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/3el-144MHz-LFA-Yagi-0-67m-boom-Super-Quiet-LFA-Yagi-allow-you-to-hear-more/290558223141 still in the box. cost £60 £125 posted. That's basically a great aerial for free. SOLD Thanks Martin_h
  12. Astronomic IR block filter for 1.25 inch lenses or ccd. £20 postage paid Baader H-alpha 35nm ccd filter. 1.25 inch. £35 Postage paid SOLD
  13. Baader Lasercolli Mark III for sale. Boxed as new. £40 posted Bank transfer or paypal accepted.
  14. I have a DMK31 Mono for sale. Comes with a 30mm nosepiece and Baader uv/ir filter attached. Very good condition and works great. Comes boxed with usb lead and software. Just plug it into your lappy and away you go. It was my weapon of choice for lunar and solar. £250 posted. WILL ACCEPT £200 FOR A QUICK SALE. This is a bargain. Bank transfer preferred, but could do Paypal
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