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  1. i understand now, thanks for explaining, i got to say i knew the basics about a laser, not to shine in eye, not to shine at aircrafts, but i have learnt an awful lot from this thread! they are so so dangerous i just wish there were more precautions in place for the sellers and buyers tbh, and shipping such lasers with a mount designed for AP where its pointing towards the sky seems crazy to me :(

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  2. 9 hours ago, michael8554 said:

    We were shown round an Air Ambulance base not long ago.

    Apparently the laser light is refracted into the curved plastic windscreen and the whole forward view is obliterated.

    Literally flying blind.

    Even after the laser has stopped they are obliged to land ASAP and cannot fly again until their eyes have been tested.



    why would any company keep using that material if it refracts the laser to the point of being completely blind, especially a medical vechile? you would think they would take every precaution


    rest assured my barn door will not be in use till this beam laser is removed

  3. 9 hours ago, michael8554 said:

    There are eight (8) classes of laser products according to British Standard. They range between Class 1 and Class 4.

    Health and Safety regulations place restrictions on lasers above Class 2 (<1 mW).

    The laser provided with your barndoor is 5mW

    You're absolutely right, insane beam, these can blind airline pilots.

    Southampton has an airport, so do us all a favour.



    Thanks Michael, i did not know, looks like ill be replacing the laser then, why an earth would they ship these with it?


  4. right, well according to the FLO site my home in southampton is bortle 6

    my dark spot at the new forest is bortle 4 which is about a 30 minute drive away


    EDIT, been going through this map, its amazing to see like this how much of the earth we are polluting with light, i can only imagine what them countries with grey bortle 1 look like :(



  5. yeah i wouldnt put my gps online, especially if you have kids and family, so many weirdos around


    nice VW tho, im looking to get a campervan soon, or a T3 and do it up slowly over time


    im in the city, terrible skies, i have to travel about 35 mins to get to my dark spot which is so nice, not sure on sky quality tho

  6. thanks olly :) ill have to start tinkering


    Thats very interesting Chris, i will look more into that software today, thank you


    edit, im actually shocked how good your image has come out! very nice indeed


    Chris is this the feature you used in IRIS? cant find any tutorials for this software any where online, keep getting iris payrol lol

    Flat-field extraction from science images


    EDIT, i cant get my head around IRIS, its so strange lol, will have to do some proper research 1st i think lol

  7. Happy kat I like the idea of covering the screen instead of the lens or telescope! Nice one, I'll have to start experimenting


    Thanks Steven I'm trying to get flats with canon kit lens so even if u breath or look at it wrong it changes focus ūü§£

  8. Hi, its been a long time since i had a scope to do flats, now i have a barn door im looking at doing flats again, are there any methods that work good just for dslr camera and lens with no scope? i use to use a light board which was great for the telescope but no longer have either now, would love to hear what some of you guys are using :)

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