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  1. Hi, a long time ago i use to use a program or website, cant really remember that use to show me what my target would look like if i entered my camera details, but for the life of me cant find anything now like it, does this sound familiar? if so would love to hear from anyone using such a program, thanks a lot

  2. On 19/04/2020 at 21:40, parallaxerr said:

    This lot is showing up in Stellarium



    EDIT: I don't think these are the Starlink satellites. They are still showing in the same place in Stellarium, so must be geo-stationary but co-incidentally aligned with the Starlink trains trajectory. Goes to show how many are up there.

    how do you get these to show up in stelarium? i searched starlink but nothing

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  3. sounds good guys! wow you are keeping busy theropod lol :)

    ive had one chance to test my barn door out, i have a joystick manfrotto head, 1st thing ill be doing is getting rid of that horrible head and getting a standard one as its awful at fine control for trying to get polar aligned, you press the trigger to release, get PA bang on then when you release it jumps to a different posistion....just horrid to use


    1st subs i tried were at ISO800 and 70 sec subs @ 30mm, no star trails but awful clouds so no long session of data collection, next time im going to try at least 2 min subs @ ISO1600 from my dark site, i really want the sigma 10-20 but thats not going to be any time soon, i just need to remember how to use pixinsight now as ive forgotten so much lol

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  4. 1 hour ago, MarkAR said:

    I think Trevor Jones/ AstroBackYard had something on this in one of his videos.

    I think there are some gains to be had with non modded DSLRs but no where near as much as modded.

    thanks buddy ill take a look for his video :)

  5. Hi, I use to be imaging an age ago with my telescope but long ago sold it, now all I have is my canon 7D and a barn door mount, I don't want to get back into lugging an imaging telescope to my dark site so wondering now if it's worth while to get a Ha clip in to enhance my 7D, I do not want to mod it either 


    From what I am reading here it seems a no brainer, but companies will promise you the world to sell their product, so just want to hear from you pros if it is worth while using a Ha clip in, thanks 😊



  6. I have been looking into making a barn door tracker as I do not have funds buy one right now but looking more into this it seems ever so hard, even down the rod you need to bend to a certain degree, just seems very hard for me, any advice or tips would be great, not sure if someone here would make the brass curved rods as you can not buy them any where that I can see


    All the best

  7. Is any one hoping to catch a peek of the chinese sapce station falling to earth these coming couple days? ive only read bits and pieces in the news paper which is not the best source of info lol, so i thought id come here to the pro's lol :)

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