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  1. Well done on the images.

    Good to see the widefield setup worked for you.

    Will you be doing more widefield images?

    Thanks buddy, I could not be happier with how the

    Test run went tbh, and the setup time is what's

    Got me hooked to this wide field imaging malarkey


    1000% will be doing more wide field, hoping to get

    A lot of hours in to do some serious stacking and

    Processing, I was surprised at how little noise this

    Image has, it was shot at iso 200 tho, hardly

    Needed any NR :) you going to dust the cob webs

    Off your star adventure then and join me in some

    Lovely wide field imaging :)

  2. Thanks all :) does feel good i admit having some new data to play about with, im just trying to get PI to annotate the image for me, but the image solver is not having any of it..... :(

    Some fabulous starfields there, caught the stars' colours perfectly. Good work! Looking forward to what you are able to achieve from your dark sky sites.

    thanks,, im also looking forward, i was quite shocked i got this amount of detail really, from one 2 min sub, @ ISO200! too :) i might even try M31 & M33 again but centered in FOV when i go to the forest next, be nice to see what 5 hours worth of 2 min subs chucks out @ f2.8 :)

  3. Howdy folks, my old wired intervalometer broke, it was a cheap £5 that has lasted me a few years so happy with the use from it.

    How ever now im in the market for a new one, i dont mind going up to £30-£40 for one, now ive seen they have got wireless one, just wondering if anyone  has had any experiance with them? they seem very nice, as im all ways fumbling at night trying to find my wired one, and most of the time i knock the tripod so these wireless seem great? i like how this one the receiver plugs on to the hot shoe also, would like to hear how they perform from some real people on here :)


  4. Great fun isn`t it with a camera and lens I have even gone back to fixed tripod recently its a guarenteed way to beat the clouds.


    Ah tell me about it buddy, it's a dream for me compared to setting up the scope imaging Literally 5 mins and your ready to start shooting, one thing tho I'm not use to having so many objects in one field of view lool, it's a good thing tho, can't wait to try some more with the nifty fifty that s for sure

    No need for ringing: try starhopping:

    Go from M31 down and right until you get to Mirach (the brightes White star when moving down and to the right). At equal distance but opposite Mirach you will find Triangulum (M33) just at the edge of your image.

    BTW you also bagged the open cluster NGC 752. From the brightest star at the bottom of your image, move to the right and you'll see the cluster. Three for the price of one. Great image

    Hi Alan, wow thanks for that! I'm terrible at star hopping, that's what eqmod is for haha, again thanks for taking the time to star hop me to M33
  5. Hi all, its been what feels like a life time since ive had my scope out imaging.....last night we had about an hour gap in cloud, so i got my heq5 out in the garden, i could not be bothered getting the scope and laptop out or with the long winded setup and getting guiding going etc, so i thought why dont i just image with the DSLR?.........lol, this was the first time ive tried imaging with the dslr with a lens on and it was a nice change i can tell you, within 5 mins i was setup and polar aligned, but then i found out my shutter release is playing up and would not take shots automatically so i had to manually keep the shutter open which was a pain, but none the less i loved it and got a couple images im happy with which i was not expecting at all for a quick setup and rushed polar alignment lol.....

    HEQ5 - Canon 7D, nifty fifty stopped down to f2.8, ISO200, 121 second exposures, i cant wait to test this combo out at my dark site in the forest with a lot of subs! :)


    Bagged Andromeda! (just lol) can you spot her :) by Martin Young, on Flickr



    cosmos through the tree's... by Martin Young, on Flickr

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  6. So is someone claiming a scope that is good enough to see colours, bands and even different band colouring on exoplanets many lightyears away?

    Last I knew exoplanet detection was a dip in the light intensity from the star or a small doppler shift in wavelengths from the star as the planet tugged at either side.

    They do not it would seem need to build the E-ELT then in order to "see" exoplanets now, that will save some money.

    i do not think anyone is claiming a scope that is good enough to see colours/bands/even different band colouring on these distant exoplanets many lightyears away

    in my opinion i take this as a piece of art, no they are not original images, but it does not take away the enjoyment i get at looking and thinking about these distant worlds, just thought other people might enjoy it also, 

    im sure they wont halt the building of the E-ELT solely on this "visualization".....

    id  love to get this printed in poster size, laminated and will take pride in my shed lol :)

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