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  1. 25 sec.

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    what does that make then.......15 mins total if my math is correct? thats not bad for such a short exposure, you could possibly get more out of processing, processing is by far the hardest part

  2. Thanks for the advice. What exactly are "flats"? And how do i get some ?? lol

     will probably re-visit the same subject again at some point and try and use the tips given to achieve an even better final image. 

    be nice to get a couple of hours worth of subs at least on this target, then your notice a big change, the more subs you have the easier processing will be, best of luck mate

    edit, what length subs were you using by the way?

  3. just mount your DSLR + lens on the HEQ5 and it should take some smashing widefield photos until youve saved enough for the telescope + other bits.

    Hi Rob hope you have been well, im thinking of trying this as i have never tried imaging wide field on the HEQ5...... at first i was thinking of mounting scope, getting auto guiding running then slapping the DSLR on top of the scope rings and taking wide field like this, but a more easier method would be just to mount the DSLR on the HEQ5 with no scope but then id be limited to unguided subs, but a lot less effort setting up and carrying the scope and bits and pieces that go with it.....hmm next clear night i do want to try some widefield with the HEQ5 tho i know that

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