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  1. 10 minutes ago, wimvb said:

    I would take Andreo's (or Adam Block's) advice over other's any time. Both are established astrophotographers who do this stuff for a living. And both have extended experience of Pixinsight and Photoshop. 

    thats very interesting you would pick those over Rogelio, im loving this book right now, would you have a link to their advice if possible or if they have a book out id be interested, thanks :)

  2. good points wimvb, i did notice that sample covering the galaxy at the top right and had to think about that lol, im still learning PI and im going through Rogelio's book at the moment, i find it interesting how different people process, its definatly a dark art thats for sure, i totally feel like a noob and ive only been doing AP for around 6 years, on and off lol

  3. thanks a lot guys, you're right i normally work with stacked images in PI, ive been having a play about with old images tonight and they have been single subs, not stacks, so this is why i think, good to know for future if i want to work on single images, not really had much need to work on singles in PI as mostly my singles are for daytime photography which i just use PS, im pretty tired now, ill have a more in depth play tomorrow, thanks a lot for taking the time to help, have a good evening all



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  4. On 06/05/2020 at 10:41, BlueStinger said:

    Thanks. I just wanted to get as much light in without too much compromise untill I find it's sweet spot, which will be when tracking I guess, but it does seem very capable at f2.8 especially considering the price! I'm still learning so things can only improve, I hope.


    I've looked into these but they all seem a little big for me. I'd like something I can throw in a bag and carry with me without too much hassle.

    i use one of these and they are excellent, just throw in a bag and away i go with my tripod and dslr, the laser is powerful tho so best swapping it out to be safe



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  5. On 21/01/2019 at 08:06, lnlarxg said:

    130pds on planetary. I love this scope (sometime I do hug and kiss it), proper solid partner earlier for the total lunar eclipse. 

    10s shot at iso340 from canon 6d




    the word "wow" just came out my mouth, thought  i had to post!

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