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  1. It is camping mat, for the frosty nights.
  2. Maybe the administrator should move this thread to other Imaging section. Here another picture taken with the ED72, this time I used the IDAS D1 filter coupled to the QHY168C. 34x300s subs under bortle 6-7 skies. Best Regards. Mario.
  3. Susaron

    Imaging with the 130pds

    That x shape stars is astigmatism. The same thing I suffered. Check the distance to the coma corrector and also relief a little bit the clips on the main mirror cell as they are hardly tighten and can create stress on the mirror.
  4. My focus point with the ts is approximately the same than.in knobby's picture
  5. It was I experimented, it is not the backfocus but the geometrical configuration of the sw reducer what denyes focus. The wo or the ts reducers are able to be inserted longer into the drawtube and also the barrel bigger than 2'' is thinner than in the sw. From my point of view it is a disaster that retailers still.offer the sw reducer for this scope having more valid options, the ts, altair astro, wo.
  6. Here it is, quick process of 25x300s subs taken with the QHY168C and the Optolong L-Pro filter at 30km south from Madrid downtown.
  7. For the record, yesterday I was not able to plate solve with APT, I did use a 332mm focal length (420 x 0.79). Today using ASPS it confirmed that the real focal length is 350mm so the TS reducer gives a x0.83 reduction when coupled with my QHY168C. Setting up in APT the 350mm the plate solving was done perfectly.
  8. Finally yesterday after waiting a lot, my ED72 saw first light, coupled with an Optolong L-pro filter and the TS x0.79. I did try M31 from Bortle 6-7 skies and quarter Moon. The 65mm distance from flattener to the sensor proved to be OK. I will soon post the results.
  9. Susaron

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Picture from last year (29th December), with all the problems suffered that night, bad collimatio, bad focus, astigamtism, guiding. But I think is a good example of the field given by this scope. 20 x 180 subs with the QHY168C, in this "clusters soup" in Cassiopea. M103, C10, NGC654, NGC659, Trumpler 1 and Czernik 4. Cheers. Mario.
  10. I also had to discard the SW reducer as I was not able to focus, due to the reducer thickness, then I went for the TS 0x79 using 65mm distance and it focus perfectly with both the IDAS and the Halpha filters. The TS has a 2'' barrel and M48 thread for filter on the tube side so it fit better. I made the measurements in another comment in this same thread.
  11. Simmo I did use a 33cm dovetail to proper balance the QHY168C, I also piggy back mounted the 30mm guide tube to help. Even with that is very very close to limit, see the picture
  12. Susaron

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Gents, looking for a dream scope?, see this below, OMG. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p11082_TS-Optics-150mm-f-2-8-hyperbolischer-Astrograph-mit-Korrektor-und-Carbon-Tubus.html
  13. Susaron

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Well no pain no glory. But the results this thread shows with the SW130PDS have no competence at the price. For refractors you have the ED72 around 300 euros, coupled with TS optics x0.79 reducer flatenner (+ 180 eur), I have one indeed, I plan to use the 332mm focal length of the ED72 for extended nebulosity zones that the SW130 cannot cover. Meanwhile keep looking the amazing work many do with this newt bargain imager. Cheers.
  14. Susaron

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Because of the field you get with this scope if you use a 4/3 or aps sensor. Also the guiding is easy at 650mm. And it only weights 3.5kg.
  15. Susaron

    Imaging with the 130pds

    I did a bigger change, I modded the head of my AZEQ5 in order to have a dual saddle holder, so I mounted a losmandy dovetail of 33cm. Its weight assures the balancing and stiffness. Though I guide with a ZWO 30mm guidescope which is indeed lighter and all the stuff, power distribution unit and usb hub at top rear.

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