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  1. The flats I did created a red background, and the color correction given by pix was almost brown. So I processed without flats.
  2. Markarian Chain with reviewed color correction.
  3. We had clear skies last Saturday in Spain, so there was the time to shoot something. Markarian Chain 34x300s subs, taken with the SW130PDS (Moonlite Focuser)+ AZEQ5 + QHY168C + Optolong L-Pro + Lots of DIY things. Cheers Mario.
  4. It´s been a long time since I did my last picture with the Sw130PDS. I switched temporarely to the ED72 for Winter big nebula season. Also the pinch problems and astigmatism put the SW130PDS aside. I did a huge overhaul to the scope, fitting finally an Arduino controlled focuser (that one from Bob Brown), and also I checked the position of the secondary. Last Saturday though there were high clouds around Madrid, there was a cloudless window of 2hrs, so I tried something. 40x60s subs + darks + bias, SW130PDS+AZEQ5+QHY168C+Optolong L-Pro+ countless gadgets fitted around the scope. M3 globular cluster.
  5. I would like to see this with color anytime
  6. For galaxy hunting with the 130PDS I am waiting for the QHY550M cooled, but it seems to be QHY dedicates more time to make big sensors than to this small camera.
  7. Another one from.the same night, 17x300s subs.
  8. Hdr with 20x5s subs + 20x180s subs, calibrated, taken with the QHY168c Gain 10, offset 30, temp -10C. Idas lps d1 filter.
  9. It is camping mat, for the frosty nights.
  10. Maybe the administrator should move this thread to other Imaging section. Here another picture taken with the ED72, this time I used the IDAS D1 filter coupled to the QHY168C. 34x300s subs under bortle 6-7 skies. Best Regards. Mario.
  11. That x shape stars is astigmatism. The same thing I suffered. Check the distance to the coma corrector and also relief a little bit the clips on the main mirror cell as they are hardly tighten and can create stress on the mirror.
  12. My focus point with the ts is approximately the same than.in knobby's picture
  13. It was I experimented, it is not the backfocus but the geometrical configuration of the sw reducer what denyes focus. The wo or the ts reducers are able to be inserted longer into the drawtube and also the barrel bigger than 2'' is thinner than in the sw. From my point of view it is a disaster that retailers still.offer the sw reducer for this scope having more valid options, the ts, altair astro, wo.
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