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  1. Here you have a complete image taken last Saturday with the ED72 + QHY168C + TS x0.79 + Optolong L-eNhance filter + AZEQ5 set up from La Mancha fields in Spain. 36x300s subs + calibration frames processed with Pix. Cheers. Mario.
  2. The insulation for the tripod legs is usefull when you tidy up with -5 degrees and you don't want to frost your hands. The camping mat around the scope keeps the scope at temperatures above zero C, so dew and frost take longer time to develop. Also it keeps focusing stable along the night. Cheers
  3. Looking forward to see your photographs. To mount the guide scope I do use a steel plate from a housestore. Then a 3d printed bracket to hold the guidescope.
  4. Since one and a half year ago, I do use the QHY168C, moving from dslr to a dedicated camera boost your productivity. I would recommend you either the ASI1600mm or the qhy163m ( both 4/3'' sensors). For color the Asi071 or qhy168c, these in aps-c format. Cheers. Mario
  5. Also zooming there are lots of small galaxies.
  6. There we go with another SW130PDS shoot. 3h 10min in 5min subs of M106 and her neighbours from La Mancha fields. Taken last Saturday. QHY168C + SW130PDS + MPCC + AZEQ5 + Optolong L-Pro Cheers. Mario.
  7. The flats I did created a red background, and the color correction given by pix was almost brown. So I processed without flats.
  8. Markarian Chain with reviewed color correction.
  9. We had clear skies last Saturday in Spain, so there was the time to shoot something. Markarian Chain 34x300s subs, taken with the SW130PDS (Moonlite Focuser)+ AZEQ5 + QHY168C + Optolong L-Pro + Lots of DIY things. Cheers Mario.
  10. It´s been a long time since I did my last picture with the Sw130PDS. I switched temporarely to the ED72 for Winter big nebula season. Also the pinch problems and astigmatism put the SW130PDS aside. I did a huge overhaul to the scope, fitting finally an Arduino controlled focuser (that one from Bob Brown), and also I checked the position of the secondary. Last Saturday though there were high clouds around Madrid, there was a cloudless window of 2hrs, so I tried something. 40x60s subs + darks + bias, SW130PDS+AZEQ5+QHY168C+Optolong L-Pro+ countless gadgets fitted around the scope.
  11. I would like to see this with color anytime
  12. For galaxy hunting with the 130PDS I am waiting for the QHY550M cooled, but it seems to be QHY dedicates more time to make big sensors than to this small camera.
  13. Another one from.the same night, 17x300s subs.
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