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  1. Attached to a Meade LX90 ASF , Meade Series 4000 F6.3 Focal Reducer/ Flattener with the camera adapter. Live view only gives a blank screen, pic I uploaded earlier.
  2. Yes, images are just plain white, or black depending on what I aim at.
  3. Do you get anything on the actual LCD also ? This is what I get when the camera is on does not display anything that's in front of the camera.
  4. Did you say that that's not right? These are the settings I use. 1. Exposure level increments - doesn't matter 2. Flash sync - doesn't matter 3. Long exposure noise reduction – off 4. High ISO speed noise reduction – off 5. Auto lighting optimiser – disable 6. AF assist beam firing – off 7. AF during live view shooting – off 8. Mirror lock up – disable 9. shutter/AE lock button - AF/AE lock 10. SET button when shooting - LCD monitor on off 11. LCD display when power on – Display 12. Add original decision data - off Also: · Set mode to 'M' and exposure length to 'BULB' · ISO is 800 · Menu 1:Quality RAW (when shooting RAW things like exposure compensation, white balance etc. have no effect whatever) · Red eye off · Beep off · Shoot w/o card - personal preference · Review time -- your choice, I go for 4 sec · Menu 2 - none of these matter, but don't set just delete data, you use flats for this.
  5. Hi all, noobie question. i just purchased a modified DSLR camera to ( Canon 450D) start Astro imaging.. My question is, to those in the know, do you get a preview on the LCD, as all I get is a pinkish hue. If that’s normal, how do I know I have what I’m aiming for. thanks in advance.
  6. Nice Starwave should be a warning on these forums, enter this section at the risk of your bank account
  7. Yep, can't beat cream of tomato with some crusty bread , obviously with a nice clear starry night to boot
  8. Arrived , Meade 5000 series 2" 24mm UWA , to add to my collection, still on the look out for the rest of the 2" Meade eyepieces in this model.
  9. I have a Meade 8” LX10 The Apo scope sounds like a better option, thanks
  10. Just wondering if anyone has used one of these before and what are your thoughts are. Ive been offered one and thinking of getting this as my second scope for Planetary and Lunar observation.
  11. Thanks Dave, I can now justify a new purchase, if my wife ask me I will say " Dave said it was fine "
  12. mareman48


    Welcome back, I'm in the same position as you jones in 2012 Lost my details and found the site again a month ago.
  13. Are these scopes custom made? Is it crazy that I want to sell all my gear and buy one of these
  14. Are these scopes custom made?
  15. I actually bought the same or similar model a few weeks back, my second scope. Always wanted this model so my children can use it, mine was actually brand new boxed, belonged to an old boy who kept it in storage and never used it. The exact model is Meade LX10 EMC 8"
  16. Nice, had a similar experience a few weeks back, was looking a Jupiter and feeling pleased with my self as it was crystal clear, then I saw lights coming out of Jupiter, ( What the Heck ) Anyway, took my eyes away and then refocused the telescope, turned out it was a jet flying across my line of sight
  17. Talking about bringing out the big guns Not Jealous at all......
  18. Great post, just what I was looking for, nice too about the Aquafina as well, thanks guys.
  19. Nice work, wish I could see that with my own eyes
  20. Very interesting, thanks for the link, will check not out.
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