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  1. Looks so good on that mount.
  2. Serge suggested to me that he needed an example of the mount to work with to make an encoder kit for it.
  3. How did you clean it? I have never licked either of my Taks!! 🙂
  4. Thank you Gary, that is excellent information. I think this is quite typical of this type of mount. I was considering a DM4 but cost put me off. I had talked to a local precision engineering company about prototyping a mount design that had the advantages of the DM design with slo mo controls but it was beyond what I could afford.
  5. That was with the FC76 DCU Jeremy. The FS60 currently sits on a Slik photo tripod and hardly sees the stars at the moment! 😞
  6. With the beefier teflon washers I added now bedded in, it works well. I don't have the specific weights but I can go from an ES 24mm 68º to a UO 7mm ortho without it dropping, That is with the mount tightened up somewhat but I can still move it with one finger.
  7. When you have finished testing it Stu, I am happy for you to send it to me for more testing! I can compare it to the Vamo. 😉
  8. I forgot I started this thread! Good to see FLO thought they were worth supplying and some great reviews/feedback. Now we just need Serge to make encoders for it and I am sold. [My light pollution is getting so bad we are thinking of moving!] My usual question - how sensitive is the Zero to eyepiece changes?
  9. I have Stu's old Vamo which works very nicely but I am tempted by a Zero. Slo mo appeals. I got some thicker teflon washers for the Vamo and now they have worn in, it seems to work even better for me.
  10. UK prices seem to be in £ what they are in $ in the US so might be a bit pricy compared to similar products. The fact that is disassembles for transport is a plus though. Not sure if I am allowed to link to the thread on CN where I saw it but there are photos of a variety of scopes mounted. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/696588-new-alt-az-scopetech-zero/
  11. Hoping our favourite sponsor might be able to supply these. 😉 Looks quite interesting. Zero mount by ScopeTech Japan.
  12. My question for M2C owners, if you change from a 50gm ortho to a 500gm eyepiece, does the M2C stay put
  13. It was this that made me think of encoders for the Vamo. It is a great mount and I probably need to give it a bit more time but I like the look of the M2C.
  14. I thought there was someone here who had both but must have been mistaken. PMd you re Borg rings.
  15. What? Nobody? Need more popcorn Nicos!
  16. Hi all, I have tried many different alt az mounts in the past and after PM chatting with Nicos about alt az mounts re DM4 or M2C + encoders, have come to the conclusion that I don’t need (in other words can’t afford!) the DM4. I would be using any mount with my Tak FC76 DCU[Q]. [I hardly use the FS60CB anymore!!] If anyone has experience of both the Vamo traveller and the M2C, I would appreciate some feedback on which they feel might be better for my requirements. My bugbear with alt/az mounts is the need to rebalance when changing eyepieces. Which of the two is less sensitive to changes? Is the M2C much heavier than the Vamo? Which moves more smoothly when cranked tight enough not to slip? I already have a Vamo and it is great, so light and portable, but should I get an M2C + encoders (I have a Nexus 1 already) or should I stick with the Vamo and get encoders for that instead? Thanks in advance for any input on this, Andrew.
  17. Resurrecting an old topic - I have had a Baader Amici Zeiss prism for a couple of years and only just started to use it for astro. For daytime use it is fantastic, clear and sharp. But at night - oh dear! A prominent spike through bright objects. I tried a photo with quickly knocked up artificial star. I reached out to Baader to see if they would be willing to sort me out with a perfect example but so far no reply.
  18. Just wondering what I can do about the new neighbours floodlight. They moved in 2 years ago and spent loads of money doing up the house and garden. First annoyance was that they dug up the gas main in the road outside our house and we had to sit outside on the hottest day of the year until it was fixed. Then endless building noise - they DIYed - and massive bonfires burning building waste. Then they built a massive shed that overlooks our property and have now started putting said floodlight on from dusk until 11.30pm. Despite having blackout curtains in the bedroom the light still penetrates, particularly around the edges of the curtains. If they are going to be using their shed/mancave every night then it is goodbye night sky!! I know they have been rude and aggressive to other neighbours so will send a letter outlining the process of complaint I will follow if they keep it as it is. Seriously thinking of moving now if things ever get back to normal. Andrew.
  19. I love the smell of vintage glass in the evening!
  20. We all like a bargain.? I like the shape of it.
  21. That's what I was thinking. My left eye sees more colour and my right eye is a bit sharper. I can't afford to go the bino route yet though!
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