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  1. **Update** Stitched 2 AVIs together in PIPP and processed 3500 frames out of 4000. Jupiter is still a bit low but I gave it my best shot Couldn't resist capturing Saturn even thought the observatory had stopped the aperture down 66% c9.25, no ir, QHYIII 290C 1000/2000 Frames. Tweaked in GIMP
  2. None whatsoever I find. Although every single tutorial or magazine article extols the virtue of these filters. Even less now considering the altitude of Jupiter and Saturn. Queue the backlash……
  3. Insane. Even by your already high standards Astroavani. Can you post some bad images to give the rest of us some hope Seriously, great work.
  4. Low in the sky. Aperture chopped down 50% due to the lip of the observatory, seeing was bad. Can't think of anymore excuses....oh yeah have done this for a while. C9.25, barlow, QHY Cam Jarvo
  5. Don’t think it’s the cable as I tried an old DBK camera which looked ok
  6. Thanks for the replies you two. Fozzybear - usual sound made. I’ll take a look at the driver and uninstall /reinstall. fingers crossed
  7. My QHY5III290C has stopped working. I was imaging Mars then slewed over over to the Moon and it stopped working. I fear I may have blown the chip by moving straight to the Moon without reducing exposure.Is it possible to damage the sensor this way? Can I reset the chip or camera? If so how would I do that?Further information: When you plug the camera into the laptop, the laptop makes a noise to recognise the new device but the field of view is just grey with a line down the centreIt feels like my options are:1) Reset the chip / camera if its possible;2) Arrange for it to be looked at and fixed; or3) Scrap it and buy a new camera - don’t really want to do this as I love my camera Hoping someone has some ideas. Thanks for looking. Steve
  8. You will not be disappointed my friend. I got one for the Mars season. Epic scope. enjoy.
  9. I wasn’t planning on going out tonight but the skies cleared so I took the Travelscope outside along with a low power eyepiece (32mm) for a quick look. After realising the 32mm was woefully low on power I ran back in and got a medium power (13mm) Nagler so I could actually see something. That was just enough to make Saturn’s rings clear, though tiny, and Jupiter’s Moons nice and bright I'm not sure I’ll be able to set something up over the next few days (weather, work, position in sky is so low) but I took a snap with an iPhone in case I miss the big event on the 21st (Weather forecast for Leeds looks on that day. ) This is a single frame from a video. I will sit at the Mac tomorrow to see if I can prise any more detail out but it’s a start. But let’s see. Things can only get better. Thanks for looking
  10. Only managed 2 files last night. This is the second one. Rind and all. Heavily cropped and I've taken the liberty of reddening to my own preference (How dare he ) C9.25, 2 x Apo Barlow and a very poorly QHY5III-290c. Thanks for looking. Steve
  11. Ok brief update. So there is a whole raft of stuff on this rind effect on this forum and it kinda looks like it’s an optical aberration unresolvable by the looks of things. I’ve got another .ser from tonight which I’ll look at tomorrow and see if there is any difference
  12. That’s for the note Moonshed. No camera definitely plugged in thanks. I’ll do a test in the morning to see if it’s ok. Fingers crossed
  13. Hi All, I was a little taken aback at just how much Mars has shrunk as I haven't taken an image for a few weeks. Can someone advise what causes the secondary edging that is there on the image. I've reprocessed twice and manually gone through 4k of frames but still the ring exists. If anyone has any suggestions I would be eternally thankful. Taken with the C9.25, 2 x Apo Barlow and QHY5III-290C, processed in Registax and minimal tweaking in Gimp. P.S Is it possible to blow the chip on your CCD camera? I slewed over to the Moon after I finished and the cameras stopped working . Thanks for looking. Steve
  14. Busy Bee last night. I love this planet and even though I wasn't expecting anything I love viewing its colour and having a go at capturing a picture or two. Tried an overexposure to capture the Moons but it just wasn't going to happen last night Thanks for looking. Jarvo
  15. Hi All. Been away last week so this is the first opportunity to take piccies (Actually missed opposition as well...D'oh!) It looked a bit watery last night - couldn't make much out visually but I wanted to give it a go. Have I captured some high level cloud on the right hand limb and bottom limb or is it a optical thing? Feedback welcome. Skysafari image for comparison added. C9.25 2 x Apo Barlow QHYIII - 290C Camera Captured with Sharpcap, tweaked in GIMP. Still need to work on the colour balance Thanks for looking. Jarvo
  16. I was using Saturn as a test subject ahead of Mars earlier in the evening. I'm heavily compromised with Saturn (here come the excuses!) as the lip of the Observatory cuts the telescope and reduces the beefy 9.25" aperture to 4.75". But it does show what a superb telescope it is - I absolutely love it. Processed in PIPP/Registax/Gimp. Jarvo
  17. Hi All Took quite a few files last night with the C9.25 before the clouds rolled in and the best of the bunch was the one without any assistance from the 2.5 x Powermate. Played around with the colour balance as well to produce a more realistic view. This isn't my favourite side of Mars ("...Banish him Moderators...") but more than happy to have a decent planet with decent elevation. It's been too long.... Thanks for looking Jarvo
  18. Thanks. I’ll give Autostakkert a try an report back. I still think that debayering hasn’t been mastered on these cameras. great image by the way
  19. Hi All, best of the bunch. I'm convinced the colour and fuzzy nature of the image is an aspect of the camera. There was some thin cloud last night but that helped things especially visually. So if I can move any further forward it may be time to go Mono with a filter wheel or if the iPhone project I'm going to attempt works then who knows.... Any suggestions always warmly welcome. Its all about the journey Kit: Celestron C9.25 xlt, QHY5III290C, 2.5 x Powermate. Processed in Registax & tweaked in Gimp. Thanks for looking. Steve
  20. Thanks Alan. Just ordered a Celestron bracket and a remote as I’m interested to see how far I can go.
  21. In Leeds it was sunny all day and clear by night Alan. There was a thin film of misty cloud at first which improved. It was still clear when I packed up at midnight. i have to admit I was shocked by the quality for a first attempt, one shot, hand held. im seriously thinking about ditching the planetary camera and getting a eyepiece adapter and remote control. it’s the colours that hit me. They are what you see in the eyepiece with no sickly orange or distortion. I’ve got some avis to process today so let’s compare. Steve
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