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  1. Hi I really love this little telescoper. These are tests with my asi1600 and Ha y OIII filters from home in a red zone. I probably need to increase the integration time specially in the OIII line. Regards
  2. I used an Asi1600 cool. Eventually I could solve the problem with the flats and I reprocessed the data. I attach the new image. I’m really enjoying it. You can use it as an imaging telescope, finderscope or for guiding.
  3. HI. Beatufil day today con with bright blue sky. I set my 130 refractor to image a quite interesting sun just to discover that the seeing was awful. All the captures have ended in the recycle bin Anyway, I attach some h alpha images obtained with my Zs 73 and quark. I solved the problem of the newton rings just loosening the clump and tilting the camera on the focuser. Thansks for looking
  4. I appreciate the answers. I intend to use the quark awith my lzos 130 f9 too. But that won’t be in the near future. ERFs can be almost as expensive as a full solar telescope. I was about to order a tilter from zwo. But I’ve ordered a QHY462c and I suppose I can’t use the zwo tilter with the QHY Does anyone now about a tilt device that I can use with the QHY camera? Regards
  5. Hi Recently I had to sell my lunt 80 to finance other more earthly needs. I've replaced it with a quark. This is its first light. Two conclusions: I'm gonna miss the lunt and I need a tilter to avoid newton rings. Anyway here are my first pictures with this set up. I used a zenisthar 73 (and herschell for white light)
  6. Hi This little scope is amazing. The flaws in the image are due to my clumsiness. It's my firt image combining h alpha and O III. And, besides, I commited a mistake with the OIII flats. Anyway, I'm really happy with the test. I`ll ty to learn from my mistakes next time
  7. Hi I used my Eq6-r only roughly polar aligned. The planets were very low and I had to place the telescope in a place in the garden where I couldn’t see Polaris. No need for autoguiding either. I captured several 60 seconds videos with different gains and exposure times and after selecting the best I processed it in auto stakker, registax and photoshop. Give it a try. It’s not difficult to obtain a beautiful memory. Regards, Rafa
  8. After over a month of rain, clouds and wind, I've been lucky because I've been able to enjoy the most beatiful conjunction since I took up this hobby almost 40 years ago. Visually it has been and amazing show. Both plantets dancing really close and surrounded by a beautiful retinue of moons. I don´t think anyone has been able to capture all this beauty in a single picture. This is what I`ve got. Zenisthar 73 + powermate 2.5x + asi120mm Regards
  9. Visual observation of the conjunction was truly amazing. The difference in colours between Jupiter and Saturn is a joy. Quite difficult to capture in pictures
  10. My contribution . Zenisthar 73, powermate 2.5, asi 120 Regards
  11. Hi This morning I've been treated with a wonderful occultation from my location. I leave some images of the phemomena. The first one is a composition of 5 images taken with an asi1600. The close-ups were imaged with an Asi224C Regards
  12. I forgot the pictures. Officcina stellare 80 mm + asi1600mm
  13. HI Astronomy has been my main hobby for the last forty years. I watch and image the sun regularly but I have to admit that I'd never bothered to look at planets o the moon in broad daylight. I didn't expect much of the occultation with the big bright summer sun so close in the sky. But it was amazing. The planet approaching slowly and then disappearing until only a small point of light was visible against the darkest disk of the moon. I attach a couple of pictures as a testimony, although unfortunately they cannot reflect the beauty of the occultation Regards
  14. I appreciate the comments. I’m not sure but it’s probably a swift. There are many of them in this area during spring regards, Rafa
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