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  1. Hi. Takahashi fc100dc + Canon 200d. 10x30'. It's a difficult target with moonlight and moving so fast
  2. I saw the comet the night It came close to NGC 2903. It was really amazing watch It move around the galaxy. I took some pictures only as a testimony of the approach. Windy, gusts over 30 km, Moon...
  3. Hi Before bying my fc100dc I used the mount several times with a SV90btv + baader 2” prism + nagler 20, about 5.5 k in total with no issues at all. The gotos were smooth and acurate. The biggest problem you can find It is that It won’t be stable enough when you push magnification. I usually set the mount on the tripod of my eq6-r. With this combination you can go (a bit) over the 5 kilos limit.
  4. Hi After a really boring 2018, the Sun woke up with a lot of activity in this new year. I post several pictures taken between december 31 and january 2. Thanks for looking Lunt 80 + asi 1600 (close ups asi 120 + powermate) Lunt 80 + asi 120 +powermate Takahashi FC100DC+ asi120 + powermate
  5. Good luck. Day off work, nice day with rare good seeing and a lot of activity. Lunt 80 & así 1600. Close Up asi120+powermate Thanks for looking
  6. Beautiful Sun today. Interesting proms in the border although no details in the disk. Lunt 80 + asi1600 Close ups with my QHY178 and powermate 2.5. Quite windy today, I didn´t get the resolution I expected. Anyway I think the pictures are interested enough to be posted.
  7. Just for fun, last year I imaged Júpiter once with my 4.7" refractor. This is what I got Obviously, aperture rules. But you can do interesting things with a small telescopel
  8. Yes. Ten degreees is quite a difference. It´s too bad that we haven´t been lucky so far with the seeing. Yesterday I tried on jupiter. But the jet stream was really strong. I only managed to get this. Regards
  9. Sorry. I think I didn’t explain myself well. I used the 4” to check the seeing, but I took the picture with my 9.25 hd.
  10. With all the main planets well placed for imaging, it's amazing that there's not a single night with good seeing. I've been trying for almost a month, watching the planets with my Little 4" and waiting for a good night to set up my SC. The seeing didn't look too bad yesterday so I decided to try, just to see saturn "dancing" in the screen of my computer. Focusing was a real adventure. Anyway, my first saturn this year.
  11. It's just a matter of patience. This time I took the picture only 10 km from home. My first iss took me almost 100 km away
  12. HI. Lunt 80 + qhy178 + the hottest sun ever... Thanks for looking Regards, Rafa
  13. ...So far this year, cloudy and windy Spain Thanks for your answers
  14. Many amazing pictures of these proms have already been posted. This is my view. Lunt 80 + QHY178mm + powermate 2.5.
  15. Two more images taken with my old lunt 60
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