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  1. Hi This morning I've been treated with a wonderful occultation from my location. I leave some images of the phemomena. The first one is a composition of 5 images taken with an asi1600. The close-ups were imaged with an Asi224C Regards
  2. I forgot the pictures. Officcina stellare 80 mm + asi1600mm
  3. HI Astronomy has been my main hobby for the last forty years. I watch and image the sun regularly but I have to admit that I'd never bothered to look at planets o the moon in broad daylight. I didn't expect much of the occultation with the big bright summer sun so close in the sky. But it was amazing. The planet approaching slowly and then disappearing until only a small point of light was visible against the darkest disk of the moon. I attach a couple of pictures as a testimony, although unfortunately they cannot reflect the beauty of the occultation Regards
  4. I appreciate the comments. I’m not sure but it’s probably a swift. There are many of them in this area during spring regards, Rafa
  5. I think they do. It seems to be enjoying it Regards
  6. HI Just a heads-up. Really beautiful prom today. It's to bad that the easterly wind is blowing over 60 km/h. This is a image taken in really bad conditions. It is really worth it in visual Regards
  7. II've only used 10x30" out of the 40 exposures I shot Bad day to commit silly mistakes Regards
  8. Hi A low quality image but a beautiful memory. I am a bit clumsy and I committed a huge mistake yesterday when setting the camera. I lost 80% of the frames and all the darks This is all that I've managed to rescue : Thanks for looking
  9. I appreciate your comments. The truth is that I set up the telescope with the intention of waking up early and shoot the planets. But I realized that the battery in my JMI focuser was flat and I decided to test the telescope with the moon I live in Spain near “Costa del Sol” but it is amazing how dreadful the weather has been for the las two months. I’m looking forward to a chance to take a look at the planets. regards
  10. Hi. I purchased a second hand 12" meade ACF a couple of months ago. Due to the bad weather I didn't have the chance to try it until last week. The moon was so amazing that I had to fetch my old asi120m and take some pictures. Here is the result. Thanks for looking
  11. Thanks for the answer. It’s a matter of patience. This is my third solar transit bit I had to travel several kilometres for the two previous.
  12. Hi, everybody It's been a long time since I last posted in this forum Yesterday I was lucky. The ISS crossed in front of the Sun from my own home. Due to the confinement in this dire situation I couldn't have moved to any other location Here is the image I obtained. The equipment: lunt 80 on EQ6-R, zwo asi120M. Video 90" processed in registax and autostakkert. 19 frames extracted with pipp and added in Photoshop. Thanks for looking.
  13. Of course I don't mind. I always appreciate this kind of advice in order to improve my skills. Regards
  14. Hi. I received this filter on friday. I had serious doubts about the purchase because I intend to use it with my unmodified canon 200d and with my asi1600MM in front of the RGB filters. And I am not sure if this filter will work properly with this set up. I tried it yesterday and it really has surprised me. This is M42, 25 x 45", no flats, no bias and instead of darks I left automatic noise reduction. Almost unprocessed. Only stacked iin DSS, BDE in pixinsight and curves in Photoshop. The most suprising thing is that M42 was close to an 80% illuminated moon. Under these circumstances, I think the result exceeds my expectations. Thanks for looking
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