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  1. Of course I don't mind. I always appreciate this kind of advice in order to improve my skills. Regards
  2. Hi. I received this filter on friday. I had serious doubts about the purchase because I intend to use it with my unmodified canon 200d and with my asi1600MM in front of the RGB filters. And I am not sure if this filter will work properly with this set up. I tried it yesterday and it really has surprised me. This is M42, 25 x 45", no flats, no bias and instead of darks I left automatic noise reduction. Almost unprocessed. Only stacked iin DSS, BDE in pixinsight and curves in Photoshop. The most suprising thing is that M42 was close to an 80% illuminated moon. Under these circumstances, I think the result exceeds my expectations. Thanks for looking
  3. Hi I offer the eyepieces for 90 € each delivered to the EU. They are to my liking the best eyepieces for moon, doubles and planets and the perfect size for high magnification in any SC. I’m selling them only because I don’t have my 9.25 edge any more. Regards.
  4. Hi For sale a couple of takahashi orthos in mint condition, boxed and with end caps. 170 € delivered to the EU ( I need to check shipping costs depending on the country). Regards
  5. It bought It about a year ago. I have only used a couple of times. That’s the reason why I’m selling it I’ve owned two pan 24 and the difference in performance is really subtle. The Explore is very good. But I use 90% of the time 2” eyepieces. regards.
  6. Hi I'm selling this eyepiece in mint condition. It's only been used a couple of times. 100 € / 90 £ + shipping Regards, Rafa
  7. Thanks to both of you Yes. The 4 is gone. Only the 6 remains
  8. I appreciate the comment Everything is sold except 6 mm and 4 mm. They are really good for planets and double stars. 55 £ each or 100 £ both delivered to the UE Regards
  9. I have 5 fujiyama eyepieces for sale in mint condición. Boxed and with end caps. 45 £ each: 25 mm, 18 mm, 9 mm, 6 mm, 4 mm TS dielectric diagonal 1 1/4 in very good condition. 40 £. No box delivery to the EU, 10 £ for shipment regardless how many items It may contain. I accept paypal Regards.
  10. Hi. AR2741 again. Close-ups in H alpha and White light
  11. Hi A lot of activity today. Good sign, may be the new cycle is coming, Lunt 80. Full disk ASI1600mm, close ups asi120mm Thanks for looking
  12. Hi. Takahashi fc100dc + Canon 200d. 10x30'. It's a difficult target with moonlight and moving so fast
  13. I saw the comet the night It came close to NGC 2903. It was really amazing watch It move around the galaxy. I took some pictures only as a testimony of the approach. Windy, gusts over 30 km, Moon...
  14. Hi Before bying my fc100dc I used the mount several times with a SV90btv + baader 2” prism + nagler 20, about 5.5 k in total with no issues at all. The gotos were smooth and acurate. The biggest problem you can find It is that It won’t be stable enough when you push magnification. I usually set the mount on the tripod of my eq6-r. With this combination you can go (a bit) over the 5 kilos limit.
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