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    Astronomy, Ghost hunting, anything spooky! and of course my amazing Family :o)
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  1. Clouds..... :o)

  2. Ponoobersie

    Sun 21 April 2012

    Wow! stunning image!!
  3. Ponoobersie

    leaves 00015

    I can see a heart :))
  4. Ponoobersie


    Wow! that is stunning!!!
  5. Ha! nice! I like the idea...I might have to pintch that one!
  6. Ponoobersie

    jupiter 5 12 2011 12 7

    Good god!!! they get better!!! WWWOW!!!
  7. Oh my!!!! :D:hello2::hello2::hello2: I salute you Sir :)
  8. This is a STUNNING!!! image! well done!
  9. Ponoobersie

    Jupiter + 4 Moons

    Well its a nice pic all the same! :)))
  10. Ponoobersie


    What a stunning picture!!!
  11. That is an amazing picture!! well done!! Looks like a giant brain! haha
  12. Ponoobersie

    mosaic final edit

    I hope you dont mind but I have copied this pic and am now using it as my desk top back ground! its a great picture,well done!
  13. Ponoobersie

    M31 Andromeda

    What an AMAZING!! picture, im hoping to be capturing something similar in the not too distant future.....
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