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  1. Hi all Im in the market for a new scope and was wondering if I could get some advise/opinions on the Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Flex Tube SynScan GOTO Dobsonian. Are they any good? What's imaging like with them? Thanks in advance
  2. Ah I see well then Sir you are forgiven! I guess the cold white wine was a nice touch so I doff tee cap to you and bid you a good day! haha
  3. You mean you didnt have salsa dip!!! Nick...Nick...Nick...tut, tut , tut!, would have thought that would be a given considereing you already had the Dorito's and cheese... *sigh*....haha
  4. Hello and welcome! Sounds like you on the right tracks and I look forward to seeing some images soon!
  5. Love um!!! they are great images!!
  6. Well done Nick and Lee! And what a way celebrate! Rock on! hehe Please you got the results I have to say id be thrilled to get these two...think I need to add them to my list of ''must see''
  7. Stunning image!!! Very sharp!
  8. Wow!!! now they are some specail images!! the best I have seen so far thanks for sharing!! Simply stunning!! :grin:
  9. Wow this is exciting news!!!! Cant wait to see what else they have to say on the matter in the days to come and any more info they want to tell
  10. Very nice indeed!! and I agree with Coco, the colour does look great.
  11. Thats a great first go and some VERY nice images!! Love the moon I do
  12. Wow some nice images there well done and thanks for sharing! cant get enough of looking at the sun, love it!
  13. Wow thats a stunning image! thats the first time I have seen this too so thanks for sharing
  14. Hi and welcome to the SGL! I hope you win the bid and start to show us what you find...ill be watchign this space (No pun intended! haha) Cheers Steve
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