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  1. JamieW


  2. Taken on 25th March 2012 with a Lunt LS60 and a QHY5. Processed with AS!2, Registax 6 and PSP 7.
  3. Shame you can't make it Richard, I hope it's nothing too serious.
  4. Excellent, it will be nice to see what other tips and tricks can be picked up on Saturday.
  5. I can't wait to see the Solar tent close-up, may have to get one of those.
  6. Nice! Superb resolution and details.
  7. Hi, I use a Baader Calcium K-Line Filter (1.25") which is meant for imaging only. They're fairly expensive, though not nearly as much as a dedicated Ha or CaK scope. HTH
  8. Well done for getting the close-ups at that time of day! Looking forward to seeing more.
  9. Tried white light imaging for the first time today and was suprised how much trickier it is than imaging in hydrogen alpha. I found it virtually impossible to get the focusing right, with the image jumping about all over the place. How you guys get such clear and close up images in white light is a real skill. I also tried a Baader Cak filter for the first time and that helped, a lot, but it was still a bit of a mission. Whereas the view through the Lunt was nice and stable. AR1525 - TAL 100RS, Baader ND3.6 Film & Cak Filter, QHY5 AR1525 & Prom - Lunt 60, QHY5 AR1525 & Another Prom - Lunt 60 , QHY5 Anyway, it looks like the clouds have gone away for a few days so let's hope some nice acive regions rotate into view. Jamie
  10. Hi Freddie, I do this Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Levels Red: Move middle slider to about 1.7 Green: Move middle slider to about 0.8 Blue: Move middle slider to about 0.2. Hope that helps.
  11. JamieW


    Hi Alexandra, Glad you're back and I second DrRobin - your pictures are an inspiration.
  12. I'd also like to know how you got on. The focuser lets down an otherwise excellent piece of kit.
  13. Steve hit the nail on the head, it's always better to under expose than over expose. Capture in mono if you can - and, if you haven't seen it, have a read of Bizibilder's guide. Love the name Papa MIdnight by the way.
  14. Cheers Alexandra. To be honest I was more chuffed that the clouds went away for five minutes. I'm so itching to try my TAL for some white light and CaK, let's hope those forecasts are right and the Jet Stream is headed North.
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