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  1. Shocking that person too young has passed I knew peter for many years and his loss will be felt by many Condolences to his family :-(
  2. Thanks Folks Electric hook up may be an issue but investigating a way around this Would you just need electric for charging juice tanks/power tanks? Regards Dave
  3. Great to see some support for this guys :-) Out of interest would you guys prefer camping in your tents etc or would you like to stay in the 4 star youth hostel on site? Its our aim to give the best possible experience so as much input from you folks early on will be great Regards Dave
  4. Ok thanks for the info owen there is the opportunity to take bunk bed accommodation at the venue which will open up the winter skies for us :-) when it's too cold for camping
  5. Hi Ive managed to locate the series plus a load of other old time astronomy programes Have a browse....bound to bring nostalgia to many Dave
  6. Welcome to the Forums :-) You got a trusty workhorse in the Dobsonian.....even with the my new goto scopes I still often use the dob as just a joy to use See you on the boards Dave
  7. Welcome to the Forums. I like your mount....the ingenuity of amateur astronomers never fails to amaze me Well done Dave
  8. Thanks for the quick reply :-) Ill keep you posted Regards Dave
  9. Hi All, I'm looking at putting together a new star party for Wiltshire and wondered if there would be any interest in it at the present time. Its still in the initial stages but i've found a venue that looks suitable and also has facilities on site such as a cafe/bar/toilets/showers etc and more importantly lovely views of the sky all round. Considering dates I am looking at running this in September so not too cold for camping or we can even do this in winter as there is accomodation on site also. There is also the chance of a place to secure your scopes and equipment on site so if people do want to go out for the day they can be sure their equipment is safe and secure. If anyone might be interested in this party then please do let me know so i can potentially gauge numbers/costs etc Regards Dave
  10. Hi All, Ive recently purchased a Meade LX90 GPS 8" and its been a bit of a [removed word] with its aligning and tracking.....nightmare to be honest lol What I would like to do is address power to the scope as ive been told with these scopes that power is all essential and even a juice tank that's not powerful enough will cause issues Im currently using the standard C Class batteries and these are proving expensive having to replace them every few times I use the scope I would like to know if any of you can recommend a decent Juice/Power Tank for my Meade 8" LX90 GPS.....Ive checked the manual for power stats etc but I cant really get my head around whats the minimum and maximum power I can put through the scope.....I don't want to fry the electrics I have heard that Halfords do some excellent juice tanks but I don't know where to start with this scope Thanks Dave
  11. Hi Yes it is :-) I can achieve focus now using a bit of bodge method by not putting the EP all in the way into the focusser.....not ideal but at least I can get focus.....is this a design flaw? Regards Dave
  12. Hi Indeed...im going to buy a laser collimator anyway just to give it a formal test and alignment
  13. Hi Chris Thanks for the reply No collimation has been done and to be honest it doesn't look like it its required although I need to double check when we get a decent clear night Dave
  14. Hi Wonder if you can help me out with an issue that developed I have an 8" Dobsonian and I went to use it yesterday, after it had been working fine, and I cant achieve focus at all If I removed the eyepiece a little and manually move it in and out of the focussing barrel I can see the image come into focus fine, when I place the eyepiece into the focussing rack I lose focus totally.....its almost as if there isn't enough barrel length to achieve focus...obviously there is because I have used it previously without issue Any thoughts or suggestions on what could be the issue here as I am totally stumped
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