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  1. Here is an single 30s frame of the Ring M57, taken almost a year ago when I just got into AP. This pic was also on the BBC Sky At Night program late last year, the star party episode. Small claim to fame and encouraging nonetheless. http://www.flickr.com/photos/astrocox/6959666050/in/photostream Equipment listed below. This is ISO 1600 Prime focus 30s unguided. Taken under a very dark sky and good seeing. Ash
  2. Great to see such admiration across media and social media especially. Just read that he missed only a single show since inception in 1957, due to food poisoning. A great measure of the passion and dedication he had for teaching us all so much about what he loved so much. Long live the legacy of Sir Patrick.
  3. Thanks for the comments - I had aimed to get 30 frames but 16 of them had either slight or bad star movement. So I ended up with 14x 45s frames that were spot on. Can anybody explain why this happens, if the eq5 alignment was out surely all frames would have movement? When observing and zoomed into Jupiter at high magnification I noticed that it moved quite a bit when a lorry passed the back of my garden... how much could this sort of environmental and wind cause movement? How can I combat it? I do the photography from indoors via Remote Desktop so there is no danger of me causing it. R
  4. On Wednesday this week I was spying Jupiter and was blown away by the first sighting of the red spot. The seeing was so good I decided to wait up and shoot Orion's Nebula, I have huge trees to the South East which means it was around 1130 that I could begin. It was so cold and frost was beginning to build everywhere! So here it is, first attempt at M42. Thought I’d share it… Description on link. http://www.flickr.com/photos/astrocox/8247860983/in/photostream Shot using Canon 1100d, total 10.5min. It's a little noisy but am in awe of the colours and the silky cloud.
  5. I have attempted processing the data for this target again! This time tweaking the stacking process, using Median mode and maximum RGB alignment on background calibration. The image is smoother but with lots of nebulosity HOWEVER I don't like how the stars have blown up. Hopefully I'll have time to revisit and collect more data before the end of the year (wishful thinking with this terrible weather STILL!). http://www.flickr.com/photos/astrocox/8129322438/in/photostream So, with three examples using relatively the same data set but different stacking parameters and less/more extreme proc
  6. So do you use Star Masks to collect data over several nights? I have been using APT and see it offers this function.. I'd love to get the second shot above worked on some more, it'd be great to get the detail of the first but with the quality of the second.
  7. I've only been up there twice and even then only once was it worth the time spent. Its rather windy as so high up! I took my gf up there a few weeks ago to show her the MY. Pleased to report she was stunned! V. jealous I can't live further out. One day... Ash
  8. 60 Subs would take me ages! To get the above I took 30 subs, 7 of which were Rubbish and went in the bin immediately. So to get 60 I'd need approx 80 which could take me 3 hours or so. With the weather the way it has been all year I hardly get the chance! When we will get a decent break?!
  9. I am on the edge of Taunton, between J25 and Corfe however still in the suberbs. Luckily the LP is not too bad but it is here for sure, I sometimes go to Smeatharpe as up there it's totally dark!
  10. I had another go at processing from Friday night's data. This time I included 5x more lights and was more subtle with the proecssing, although it felt like a different image altogether to process really. I adjusted more in GIMP too. Less noise, but less prominent nebula. Although it now looks more like a photo rather than a painting :-) What do you think, which is better? http://www.flickr.com/photos/astrocox/8114384858/sizes/l/in/photostream/ Ash
  11. Forgot the Url (Doh)! http://www.flickr.com/photos/astrocox/
  12. I bought the 200p on EQ5 (Black Diamond model) for 420quid new in May 2011. By April this year decided I wanted to do AP. I must say I am getting loads out of it and only had to get a Tring (£20) and a dual axis motor (£80). Check out my Flickr site for some examples of deep sky and lunar imaging, including closeups of craters, all achieved with a setup well under your budget. My next step would be a much larger and more expensive scope. The 200p is more than enough to keep me going for several years. Ash
  13. ... going on hols is more exciting as means that you get new parts of the sky to see.
  14. Thanks for the comments. This is 12 mins total at 1600 iso. Dont think any more would be necessary?! I like the way the nebulosity resembles brush strokes, as if painted not photographed.
  15. Hey fellow astro geeks. It's been ages (again) - the weather cleared just after midnight tonight and I was straight on it, seeing as it's the weekend! Thought I'd share my first attempt at the Pleiades. Am quite impressed and it's turned me onto M45 more. Don't you also find that you make a better connection to one of these wonders when you image it? http://www.flickr.com/photos/astrocox/8104163842/sizes/l/in/photostream/ Jupiter next, let's see what the Canon 1100D can do :-) Ash
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