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  1. Maybe you could try doing a reset to factory defaults from the handset menu. Then look up "re-setting encoders" in your handbook and see how it goes.
  2. Got a phone call from my supplier. Remember that I ordered replacement base boards back in August and was told three to four months? So that would be Nov or Dec, yes? Delays now mean January!!
  3. Hmm... yes, the light collecting area of a camera lens is much smaller than that of your telescope and adding any kind of filter would reduce that even more. If you want to do this you could try using a ten second test exposure at a high ISO and tweak your focus between takes until you get it. This will be time consuming I should think, so it may also be worth making a note of, or marking, the focus point once you find it to make things easier next time. Another thought would be to use the live view focussing available in Backyard EOS (it's brilliant, honest). A trial is free (30 days, so don'
  4. Um... You'd have a case under the Sale of Goods Act to claim that the telescope (or at least the secondary) is not fit for purpose and that the fault is inherent from the point of manufacture. You have the options of Repair, Replacement, or Refund; though the manufacturer can refuse an option if the cost is prohibitive and offer one of the others. At this point I would think that replacement of the whole telescope is not feasible, though supply of a suitable secondary is. A refund, if negotiated would not be full price at this late stage - there would be some reduction made for the use that yo
  5. Good idea - but easier to cut an annular ring and place it in front of the focuser. Might well provide "proof of concept".
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