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  1. Anyone use a Moonlite CR2 attached to a blue tube 200p EQ5? I want to replace my stock r&p focuser with the Moonlite CR2 from FLO, mainly so there is little drilling and cutting into my OTA required, as Moonlite sell base plates to fit most diameter OTA's. I do imaging with my DSLR at the moment as well as observing, and have a couple of questions:- Does the focuser require an additional adapter for my Canon t-ring? FLO sell the moonlite in various draw tube lengths and it says in the description that 38mm is best for visual so the draw tube does not enter the OTA. Therefore should I ge
  2. Dark side, light side..... What the moon doesn't have is clouds, I'll go!
  3. Did you ever decided which one to go for, I am looking at doing the same thing but not sure which to go for, especially as the Moonlite is nearly twice the price..... Adam.
  4. Just to update - I went with the 12mm Celestron X-Cel and use it nearly exclusively now, amazing eyepiece, excellent eye relief and clarity across the entire fov. I have one small gripe with it, the cap that goes over the rubber eye cap is so tight it starts to tear off the rubber after only a few uses. I made a small cut in the vertical piece of the cap which releases the pressure and still keeps the dust off. Adam.
  5. Hi all. I currently have a 200p blue tube and want to upgrade the focuser as the current rack and pinion is not good...... I want a focuser for DSLR imaging as well as visually. I would rather not if at all possible take a drill to the OTA, so a direct replacement would be great. I was originally set on the dual speed crayford, but this requires a lot of drilling, and resizing of the draw tube hole... I am now thinking the low profile SW focuser is the way to go - does this direct replace? can I do both DSLR and visual work with this? Is there better without selling a kidney? Thanks in adv
  6. Bll, I notice that you are guiding using your finder scope, is that using the spc webcam? Adam.
  7. I attempted to take image of Saturn with DSLR, well it was so small that it was barely recognisable. SO after the deluge of rain and cloud finally passed I decided to get back out the SPC900, 3 x barlow and have a go. I am quite pleased with the results, and if you really look hard you can just about see the cassini division.... I am struggling to get the edges sharp, maybe a slight focus issue, or more likely poor conditions...?!?!?!
  8. damp owl


  9. Perfect, many thanks for your advice everyone, I'm going to go and clear a space in the fridge, may have to eat/drink some stuff...... There's a bottle of wine that is clearly taking up a camera sized space. Adam.
  10. Do the darks need to match temperature, exposure time and ISO of the lights, and should you have an equal number of darks, flats as lights? There is certainly plenty of time with this cloud to take some darks. One other question springs to mind, does the camera need to be attached to the scope, or can you just take the darks with the lens cap on? Adam.
  11. Thanks for the comment Mark, Somehow I managed to post this twice and I swear that it was in observing rather than imaging but never mind. There are no darks or flats in this at all, in fact I think this is only 4 subs. For the subs, is it better to get longer exposure or higher ISO. This image is stacked from 4 subs at ISO 800 for 30 seconds. ISO 1600 shots have visibly more light pollution but more stars, detail etc. Which is best - or should you combine both? Adam.
  12. My first attempt on M57 and only second imaging session. M57 was the first ever DSO that I saw through a scope and I couldn't wait until I could image it. Any advice on how to bring out the red nebulosity at the outside of the ring in GIMP would be greatly received. I have tried fiddling with red channel but end up with red sky, which just looks worse. Adam.
  13. Just realised I posted this in wrong place - clearly observation skills are not my strong point .
  14. This is my first attempt at M57. Only bought the camera a month ago, and finally was able to take some images. This is just 4 subs at ISO 800. Am quite happy with this as a start, M57 holds a special place as it was the first DSO I ever saw through a scope. Adam.
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    Deep Sky.
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