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  1. Hi, Anyone of you learned people using an ASi183GT cooled mono camera with the built-in filter wheel? Like to know what people think of the unit please Thanks
  2. Raining today so it's given me some time to look back at this image of LDN1251. My original processing left it too dark (even for an LDN!) so I'ce attacked it again. 21x 300s subs, ASi533MC Pro OSC camera (-12°C), RASA-8 OTA on an iOptron CEM60 mount. Original and revised processing in PI. Thanks for looking
  3. Superb Peter, great tonal and colour range right across the frame. Masterful imaging.
  4. This image was captured on the 20-09-2020. Comprising 12x 300s subs. Processed in PI. Darks applied, no flats or bias frames used. Camera (ASi533MC Pro) set to unity gain and -12°C.
  5. Another foray into the world of LDN's for me. LDN1251 captured using a RASA-8 and ASi533 MC Pro and a Baader UV/IR cut filter. Processed in PI with a tweak in PS at the end. There are 20x 300second subs in the image but like the LDN1235 it is going to need three times that number to get a more subtle image out of this. Hope it's clear at around next new moon... TBC.
  6. I use SG Pro a lot so for me there was no issue with subscribing ($59/year). It's $149 if you upgrading from version 2 or a new user. At approx £1 a week it's worth it. APP, Maxim and others are all subscription based. If you currently have SGPro you can carry on using it, you just don't qualify for updates. I'm sure in time NINA and other free softwares will need to make charges so their developers can eat!
  7. I think this is the final data collection: 60x 300s subs, final set captured last night (20-09-2020). Scope: RASA-8 Camera: ASi533MC Pro (cooled to -12°C) Unity gain. Mount: iOptron CEM60 Captured via: SG Pro and PHD2 for guiding Processing: PixInsight. Cosmetic Correction, Debayer, Star align, Integration, Histogram Transform, Curves Transform, Saturation, SCNR, luminance mask applied, TGV Denoise (very light application). Multiple light applications in various orders Thanks for looking
  8. Managed to get a few more subs last night before clouds moved in. I've tried to process a little more neutrally as well the original a little too warm. Uncrpped, no noise reduction routines (for the pixel peepers). Hope you like..
  9. Initially I though this was too close to the pole for me to see due to buildings but turns out it just clears the neighbours house roof so I spent a while on it last night. As always needs more subs. Just the head end shot and processed in PI and PS. Looks like Sat/Sun will be the next chance for more data. No calibration frames yet. Thanks for looking RASA 8, ASi533 (unity), CEM60, Baader UV/IR cut filter.
  10. thanks @tooth_dr sadly it's in an area of sky I cant access due to buildings
  11. Hi Gorann @gorann great image but what is it? NGC, IC, SH# ? pet hate of mine that images are posted without being labelled ...
  12. The OTA was the Altair Astro 115 EDT-APO refractor, mounted on an iOptron CEM60. 3 images taken with the same kit over the last two nights. 18 - 25 x 300s subs each
  13. Would PI's Linear Fit not have sorted the differences? Couple of points - Should the image be rotated 180° and it's a touch yellow thus reducing the blues.... Great image
  14. Out of interest I wanted to see what I might get from a single image frame with the ASi 533 MC-Pro camera. Exposure 120s -15° C Unity gain. I chose an area containing some detail but not overloaded with a heavy star field and picked IC 5070 as a target. The image below contains the RAW 16 bit frame unprocessed and a processed version. I've not used any noise reduction routines at any stage as noise was my initial interest. Processing in PI. RAW frame opened, STF applied, Histogram Transformation, Dynamic crop and saved as png. Processed image: STF applied, mix of Colur satu
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