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  1. Ended up about 2 with cloud from the north east but between 10 and 2 it was OK. Seeing varied at times a job to make out the MW, at other times it was more easily traced through Cassiopeia - Cygnus.. All image sub lengths 180s with 10 subs per image (NGC869 only had 6)? Full frames, no cropping, no noise reduction. Scope RASA 8 OSC Camera: ASI522 MC Pro (Gain 100 offset 70) -15 C Mount CEM60 Standard. Hope you like
  2. Then again my CEM 60 updated without a hitch, it's a superb mount. N° 3 iOptron mount for me: an iEQ45 pro, CEM60 (Standard non EC) and a smaller CEM25P. After my NEQ6 Pro I won't touch SW again...
  3. More subs last night - image now with 25x 180s subs, same processing
  4. Keep forgetting with the RASA to flip the image: Image flipped
  5. I was aiming for 20x 3 min subs but clouds tonight had other thoughts. I managed to get 8x 3min subs with the ASi 533 MC Pro mounted on a RASA 8 and CEM60 (Standard) mount. To keep some of the variation out of the basic calibration (Darks, Flats and Bias) my processing used PI's Weighted Batch processing routine. I'll use this same routine when I get the extra data. This has been followed with saturation, curve transformation, SCNR and File transformation. Saved as tiff's, png and jpg. The frame has not been cropped. No noise reduction used throughout as I wanted to see what the
  6. Further process this morning in PI and tweaks in PS. PI used via it's weighted pre processing script, then numerous minr applications of saturation, curves transform , SCNR, histogram transform.... before heading to PS. As you can tell from the file name this is the fifth version. There will likely be others but more subs under a moonless sky are needed to rescue this image. Imaged with an Altair 115 EDT APO, ASI 533 MC Pro and an IDAS NB-1 Triband filter.
  7. Quick process of 10 subs : 5x 180s and 5x 300s Initial process and stacking in APP followed by a session in PI.
  8. Hi Craig, I only got the camera today. I've spent most of the time since it arrived capturing calibration subs. It's suposed to clear here later so I'm hoping! I'll be using 100 gain and will probably play with the offset settings. I'll be looking straight overhead around Cepheus with an IDAS NB-1 filter mounted. The cloud still looks mighty thick!!!
  9. Yes had a similar problem. Took it out to the obs and all went well. Now I have a stack of subs to play with...
  10. Literally just arrived. Currently capturing 2 min darks. Display in SGP is superb, flat grey images at full screen, random H&C pixels evident at 400%. Captures at -15°C, unity gain/offset. Not even a hint of amp glow or banding. Will post a single and master dark once I've finished shooting them... Couple of screen grabs:
  11. At present I'm sticking with OSC and an IDAS NB-1 filter. It's meant to be wide angle but I think the NB bands are clipped at f2. Processes quite well as a single RGB or split channel image.
  12. Great image Goran - not tried this one. Must point my rasa 8 in that direction. Thanks for posting.
  13. Wilkinson's sell a black flock paper with sticky backing (V cheap) used it on lots of small items and a 10" dob...
  14. A 2" means you don't have to worry about the 'fit' between multiple adapters reducing the Cheshire's alignment. i.e. it fits straight into the focuser tube rather than having a 2" to 1.25" adapter then the Cheshire each held in place by screw anchors...
  15. 'FX' is full frame 'DX' is the cropped format. Nice image - re colour it looks green to me. Removing that would lift the magenta nebulae in the region.
  16. @groberts I agree with Adreneline here. I quite often use APP for the calibration/registration/stacking parts of a process it removes (for me) any ampglow far better than PI. I also have evoled my own take on Jim's crib sheet Good luck it can and does get a bit frustrating in PI especially the calibration darks have to be same time/temperature.
  17. SOLD Hi, I'm having a change round of gear at the moment and find myself begrudgingly needing to sell my ASi 294 MC Pro. I've had the camera about a year, it's been a great camera and well suited to my 805mm fl refractor and works well on my widefield RASA and WO ZS 73 scopes. It is well suited for use with the new dual and tri band filters. I use an IDAS NB-1 whenever the moon is around or just a UV/IR cut filter with dark skies. It comes in it's original packaging with cables, spacers, padded bag etc. Looking for £800 or a very near offer. Some of the images captured with the
  18. Don't know the camera but you may be getting problems with the cooling if you've covered it completely. I have a 294MC Pro and I did exactly that to get dark, darks but the camera virtually over heated very quickly and poiwer usage was at 100% which is too high. Try and keep to circa 75% or less. I found that just putting the cap on and covering the cap with foil was all that was needed. That way the ventilation grills are open and the camera can disipate the heat from the cooling.
  19. @Rattler I have a RASA 8. I spent a long time reading various reviews of both the Hyperstar and the RASA 8 (though there wasn't very much around on the smaller RASA at the time). CN was the biggest group offering reviews, most quite negative - but that's very much CN. Collimation was the major concern with the Edge/Hyperstar combination. That being that you a, had to collimate the Hyperstar unit when you remove the Edge secondary mirror and replace it with the Hyperstar. Then b, collimate the Edge's secondary when replacing it after using the Hyperstar. That put me off somewhat. I th
  20. Hi All, I'm interested in the ASi183 MC Pro and looking for comments from owners regarding amp glow in their images. I have a 294 MC Pro which produced tons of amp glow (thankfully removable in processing) and I would like to know if the 183 is the same. Thanks Francis
  21. The threaded parts I've arrowed in red. The red part is the ring that any adapter is held against. The grey areas I've indicated as A and A' are the collars that sit each side of the corrector plate. Undoing the red collar will (looks like) release the lens assembly and this is probably the collar that needs tightening to reset the lens assembly against the collars A & A' I've added a second drawing from the Celestron White paper which shows the whole lens assmbly in the corrector. I think this shows that the red collar is the unit that tightens the lens assembly in place against the
  22. @tich Have you down loaded the Celestron RASA White paper on the 11". On page 24? there is a schematic of the lens / corrector assembly which may help you. It's dealing with customised adapters for the rasa when their supplied ones don't fit your camera. It looks very much like a screw threaded ring. Link to the paper in my drop box: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2tjwfmjwydczggf/AACfdFkUjxEo7glVbN1O80OOa?dl=0
  23. @Krakon Welcome to SGL. Maidenhead and Reading Astro Soc's are great places to find things out. Newbury too has a great Soc. Previous member of Reading and Maidenhead before a house move a few years back - great crowd all round.
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