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  1. M33 imaged 22-11-2020 early evening while wait for the main image of the night to clear a neighbour's roof line. 6x 300s, ASi 533 unity gain no darks, flats or bias (relied on PI's DBE to help out there. Main processing in PI with final tweaks in PS SC3.
  2. That image is incredible Goran - looks like the RASA strikes again. Trouble is I think my credit card might get bent again on a new filter....
  3. That's intense Goran. Super image - mosaic in the making...
  4. Thanks Goran, the green cast came about in PS while trying to 'match' the indiviadual panels before flattening the layers. I had attacked the panels with SCNR before saving as tiffs to transfer into PS but the image really needs some calibration subs, flats especially. Moonless clear skies - I can dream can't I ?
  5. This was shot last night (22-11-2020) as 8 panels. Each panel 6x 300s. The moon then cloud played havoc with processing which has taken pretty much all day today to get to this state. I need to re shoot tis with a moonless night (Hopes!). Camera ASi 533, scope RASA8, processed in PI (8 individual stacks no calibration frames), assembly in PS CS3. Sorry about some of the joins - must try harder (no where have I heard that before...?)
  6. Hi John, I have the same unit. I simply turned the focuser right out to it's maximum position and started the calibration from there. The reverse motor didn't do anything. It works really well I just had to reset the number of steps to 200 to give me a reasonable V curve in SGP. This is where I downloaded mine from: https://www.primalucelab.com/downloads/SESTO-SENSO-2-software-package-1-3.zip I then extracted all the files. Opened the (non mac) folder and (for me Windows 10) option then x64. Then I installed the ascom driver and Focuser manager set-up Hope that helps.
  7. Great imaging Richard. Can you tell me what the central object is so I can get an idea of location please Francis
  8. Shot last night as 4 panels. Each panel made up of 6x 300s subs. Subs were processed to integration stage in PI, saved as 16 bit tiff's and then aligned and assembled in Photoshop CS3. Files a little large (7Mb)
  9. Great night last night. While this is a test for a larger mosaic of the area hopefully when dear old blobby's out of the way. Image is 12x 300s, ASi533, gain 100 and all processing in PI. CEM60 Standard, rasa 8 and an IDAS NB-1 filter.
  10. Great image Adam, I like my 800E too. Just a shame it's so heavy!
  11. If you go west of Wolverhampton - eg: past Shipley, there are a number of villages most will have recreation grounds which can give good horizons...
  12. Skies cleared for a short while early evening. Just got 3x 5min abd 3x 3min subs using an IDAS NB-1 2 inch filter with the ASi 533 MC Pro. Image uncropped, processed in PI only. Overal image scale reduced for uploading.
  13. With the weather lately I did a daylight collimation on the RC6 using a peep sight (sight cap) and earlier tonight spent 20 mins fine tuning the collimation using Alpheratz as the target and x200 screen mag. I've fitted a set of homemade collimation knobs to the secondary housing which proved a bonus. Just managed a few subs on NGC281 using the Nikon D5100, guided with a TS 60mm guide scope fitted with an ASi120mm. Captured via SGP, processing PI, guided PHD2 and plate solved with SATAP - first time using this for plate solving, not sure I'll go back to Plate Solve 2 now. ASTAP is so
  14. Have you tried enlarging/reducing the images to the same diameter as contrast in the systems seems to be a factor too.
  15. I've been using Plate Solve II in SG Pro for quite a while and found recently I've been getting a lot of failed solves. There are other options in SG Pro like ASTAP which has some more encouraging reviews lately. Anyone using ASTAP in SG Pro? any pitfalls to look out for? I've downloaded ASTAP and it's G17 catalogue. Thanks
  16. There should be 230mm from the back of the OTA to the sensor
  17. Thanks John, Yes I went with the SS V2 - ordered yesterday after watching loads of videos (the Italian demonstrator's a bit OTT for me!). I liked the idea of no 'L' bracket and the attachment is certainly solid. It arrived this morning (thanks FLO) and it's now fitted and calibrated. I found the travel motion reversed OUT being IN etc... And I didn't read the instructions either. Need some clear skies to try it out now.
  18. Now I've had an initial play with the scope I'm looking to accessorise and the first thing will be to motorise the focuser. I've been reading specs on the Pegaus Focus Cube v2 and the Primaluce Lab Sesto Senso V2 both offer multiple adapter couplings to fit different focuser units, the Pegasus offers a 6Kg load lift and the Sesto Senso ?Kg (not shown). The Pegasus also comes with a temp sensor and all the hardware to fit to my focuser (via an L bracket). The Sesto Senso doesn't appear to need a bracket for mounting and photos I've seen of the unit don't really show how it fits very well?.
  19. From the kitchen window this morning.... Nikon 800E with 200mm at f3.5 1/60s hand held
  20. Continued playing last night with the new StellaLyra RC6 OTA in combination with my CEM25P. I've kept all the subs to 60s @ 800 iso using the monochrome modified Nikon D5100. No filters, no guiding and no cooling. The Helix nebula (NGC7293) was first as it had pretty well crossed my south fov before I'd realised, this is just 5x 60s subs processed in PI with darks, no flats or bias frames. IC1805 (part of), few more subs on this: 15x 60s, processed in PI with darks, no flats or bias frames. M76, I captured 10 subs on this and was able to use them all, again: processed in PI wit
  21. For once I actually like SHO - Great imaging
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