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  1. Hi, I'm having trouble balancing by mount. I have a Star Adventurer Pro with an evostar 72ed, dslr and finder scope. I seem to be able to balance the RA ok using the supplied counter weight but I just cant get the DEC. As far as I can tell, to balance the DEC, I can move the mount rings and use one of the two holes on the dovetail bar but this doesn't give me enough movement. So what Ive tried is moving the rings as far along the scope as I can, towards the heavy side (with the dslr etc) and selecting the hole on the dovetail closest to the heavy end but this still isnt enough. Is th
  2. just quick update. the nikon m48 mount arrived and it all fits together now just need to wait for the weather to change so I can get it outside now!
  3. Thanks Guys. and thanks for the patience. No doubt I'll be back with more questions but I'm going to get the m48 nokia mount.
  4. got it. thanks. I think thats a bit further down the line for me then but good to know.
  5. NIce! newbie question but how does the guidscope work or what does it do?
  6. Hello, Newbie to astronomy here. My wife has always had an interest so I got her a Skywatcher 200p for xmas and I got hooked. I spend more time on it than she does. Ive learnt a lot of basics since then but I've still got so much to learn. I'm starting to get into astro imaging as well as visual. I took the pic below with my dslr attached to dob. It took me two weeks of playing to get anythign other than a white blur or a dark blur.... I'm also a newbie at photography recently so that probably doesnt help! Ive just bought a sky adventurer and an evostar 72ed so I'm sure I'll be asking a l
  7. no, the first pic that you've labelled m48 measures 54mm. the second one that youve labelled t2 measures 48mm and the nikon adapter measures 42mm
  8. oh and yeah, same adapter I use to attach to the dob.
  9. Yeah, I just measured them with a ruler (I should have thought to do that sooner). The outside of the thread on picture one is 48mm and the inside of the thread on picture two (the nikon adapter) is 42mm.
  10. ah right. No, it doesnt fit. the nikon adapter is too small.
  11. Hi Vlaiv, I tried as you suggested, removed the adapter and tried it against the nikon adapter but its too big. The outside diameter of the nikon adapter is just about the same size as the diameter of the threads on the reducer with the adapter removed.
  12. Hi Vlaiv, I'm confused myself so apologies if I haven't explained properly The camera is a Nikon D3400. This is the t mount i currently have that I use to attach to 8" dob. https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/TMN.html This is the reducer I have - bought this to attach camera to evostar 72ED. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/stellamira-telescopes/stellamira-2-0-8x-reducer-field-flattener-with-m48-adapter.html So I have the reducer slotted into the scope but the t mount doesnt fit. Ive attached pictures of the reducer with the cap removed and then the next part removed
  13. Thanks Daemon. Yeah, looking at it DigiCamControl is windows only and I looked at Backyard Nikon but unfortunately it doesn't support my camera. There seems to be a lot of options for windows but not many for mac. I might look at getting a cheap windows laptop just for this.
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