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  1. Hi Michael, Thanks for your help. I think the first thing I might try is to train the gears. I have not done that and I bet that might help out. I'm also going to check the slew rates as well. Then I try the things you have suggested. Somewhere in the middle I hope to find the problem. Ed
  2. Hello Michael, No the two arrows on the bottom of the AudioStar are for navigating the menu. I'm referring to the four arrows that point up, down, right and left. Ed
  3. Hello Michael, I tried the other direction and there is no stop there either. So it sounds to me like the unit is broken??? What next? This is probably why the unit will not track correctly. I noticed when using the finder scope and trying zero in on what I'm looking at the down arrow key that points to the bottom of the AudioStar does not do anything, or is this because I Polar aligned the scope? After turning off the AudioStar and bringing my scope back into the house I turned AudioStar back on and tried the down arrow and the scope did slew downward. So the gear works it's just does not work when I'm trying to zero in the alignment star. On my second attempt the scope slewed to Capella but It was not even close. I'll set up again tomorrow. I am using PS Align PW to check my manual alignment to Polar home and I'm very close so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Thanks, Ed
  4. Hello Peter, Thanks, I did not see that page before. I will have a look. I did resolve my issue on another weasner sight but I will check this page out. Thanks for your reply. Ed
  5. Thanks Jeff, I think my little 90 will be a good starter scope. Later after I learn the basics I might like to get something in the 8" range, anything bigger than that is to much for me to handle by myself. The nights here in central Florida this time of year are great and the misquitoes are not out for my blood. Thanks again, Ed
  6. Hello guys and thanks for the warm welcome. Since I'm now retired I plane on spending some time with a hobby I never seemed to find the time for. Clear skies, Ed
  7. Hello Michael, I have rotated the base counter clockwise several times, uncluthed, and have so far not hit a stop so I'm not sure how many turns it takes to hit a stop. I'm also afraid if I keep turning it I might some how damage it. Or perhaps something is already broke???? Thanks for your response. Ed
  8. Howdy, Just to start off on the right track I'm new to telescopes so don't assume I know anything ;.). The ETX 90 is my first telescope and I'm enjoying it. But I decided to try astrophotography. But I thought I would see if I could Polar alignment my scope first. I have a fairly good understanding of the nights sky. I have a few questions: First after I level the base and set the wedge to my latitude I rotate the the scope up to set the DEC and making sure the scope is facing up and level the scope seems to be backwards. If I then point the scope at Polaris The scope is upside down. So I must be doing this wrong. I'm ready the Page from the "Arkansas Sky Observatory." Another question I have is I read before alignment you should rotate the mount clockwise to the stop. I unlock the base and rotate it but I never come to a stop. So I must be doing something wrong again. So thanks in advance for any and all replies. Ed
  9. Hello, I've always been interested in astronomy and then last Christmas my wife bought me a Meade ETX90. It's a great little scope and I've been taking advantage of the clear winter nights here in Florida. I will search the forum for specifics to my scope. Having issues getting a good alignment. And as Jack Horkhiemer says "keep looking up"
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