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  1. Was out with the dob this evening, had a quick look at Saturn but the view was so unsteady it was possibly the worst I've seen! I know it's low in the sky and not going to be great but anyone else having trouble with seeing conditions this evening? ?
  2. Sketches of Jupiter from last night with my 8inch dob. seeing started off fairly good, but then deteriorated rapidly so unfortunately lost a fair amount of detail in the EQ bands.
  3. Hi all, im selling this scope as I rarely use it anymore and I think it needs to go to a new home. Very good scope for a beginner or young adult. Comes with 25mm and 10mm eyepieces. Works perfectly fine and is in good condition apart from scratches on the counter weight bar. £88, (but can negotiate) Pick up only. I live in Chichester, West Sussex. Clear Skies, Thomas
  4. Over the past few nights I have been photographing the moon by holding my iPad to the eyepiece of my scope. I have had some fairly decent results so I thought I would share with you these 4 images. ? Clear Skies, Thomas
  5. Another vote for the 90mm mak. They are really compact, have really good optics and will fit onto most camera tripods. You can even get one on a tabletop tracking mount if you throw in a bit of extra cash.
  6. No they're just ordinary colouring pencils from smiths ?
  7. Sketch of Jupiter last night whilst Europa was transiting across the disk. Observed using my 8" dob at around midnight. First time I've made a sketch in years so I'm a bit rusty ? Clear Skies, Thomas
  8. Cheers Stu! What I did was take a short video holding the iPad to the scope, afterwards I would choose the frame that was the clearest image and screen shot it. I then simply adjusted lots of light and colour on the photo edit settings. You'd be surprised how much better the images come out just by adjusting brightness, contrast and highlights ect..
  9. Greetings, I thought I'd share with you all this little arty farty collage I made of the moon and some of the planets: Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. All the photos were taken by holding my iPad to my 8inch dob. They were then processed on my iPad and put together on Instagram. Not amazing I know but I was quite chuffed considering my technical limitations. clear skies, Thomas
  10. vegaandarctures


    Here are my images of our much loved Moon :)
  11. Hi, I'm also from wiltshire welcome!
  12. Awesome! I often use binoculars on that area of the sky! It's amazing how many stars fill the field of view on a dark clear night
  13. M57 should look good, it's small, bright and easy to find Also try some open clusters like M29 and M39
  14. Cool I shall order the 8 tonight I think! Thank you for you help
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