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  1. Just popped out with the dob for a peep at mars and the moon. Seeing is as bad as it’s ever been. I’m in Wiltshire, anyone else out tonight?
  2. Lovely sketch David! Many happy returns
  3. Thanks for your replies, I was using a 127mm Mak on this mount and it was no problem. I'm kind of leaning towards an ST80.. but I don't know.. I've heard good things about them, but then I've heard not so good things. If it will provide bright, crisp wide field views then it will satisfy me. I wish I could look through one before I buy really
  4. Looking for an OTA for my az4 mount (aluminium legs). Its main purpose will be lovely wide field views to complement my 8inch dob. I originally had my eye on one of those short tube skywatcher achromats. Either the 80 or the 102, although I've never looked through one. Although I am somewhat tempted by something like a 130PDS, would something like this be of higher quality than the achromats? I'd appreciate your opinions on what choice I should make. Clear skies, Thomas
  5. Had an absolutely beautiful view of the red planet last night as I'm sure many did. It looked almost photographic when the seeing got really steady, used up to 240x mag in my 8inch dob. Anyway here is my attempt at sketching mars. Clear skies, Thomas
  6. Beautiful sketch! I always admire your drawing skills David
  7. I think that mount probably wouldn't be up to the task with this scope, especially at high magnification, I think it would at least have to be an EQ3
  8. Hi, I do believe so yes. Because this scope has a focal length of 1500 it is much easier to achieve the high magnification views that planetary observing requires, also when properly cooled it has lovely crisp high contrast optics. I mean theoretically the 130p has a larger aperture so has more resolving power, I owned one a few years back. I've seen more planetary detail with the mak then I did with the newt. Mount wise, it would sit happily on an EQ3-2 or similar. I used it on an az4 mount. What kind of mount were you thinking of using it with?
  9. This scope is still available, I'd be open to reasonable offers as I want it to go to a good home
  10. *SOLD* Skymax 127 OTA only, old blue version. Comes with Astro essentials dovetail bolted to OTA. Also comes with Orion flexi dew shield and soft skywatcher carry case. In good condition apart from a few paint work scuffs and 2 screw marks underneath the dovetail (but these's aren't visible unless you look underneath the mounting plate). Optics are in great condition. Asking price £155, Collection preferred (socially distanced with masks of course) Can throw in red dot finder for an additional £10
  11. Hey everyone, I'm not really an imager but my partner is a keen photographer so now and again we dabble in some astrophotography. Here is a single shot of the moon we took using her cannon 77D through my Skymax 127. Processed on polar.
  12. If budget isn't an issue, go for the EQ5 pro. It will serve you much better off in the long run and also give you more options in the future should you decide to upgrade to a larger OTA.
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