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Power cord on my CPC8 - NIGHTMARE!!

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Was out again last night with the CPC800 which is a joy to use right up till the point where you tap the 12v power plug on the main rotating base and the whole thing goes off!!

Back to square one again!!

Its SO annoying! It happens every time I've used the thing.

I've bought a new 12v car power lead thats specially made for my scope and even taped the thing into the plug socket last night to try and stop it happening again. Fail.

I was happily observing the amazing M82 Cigar galaxy and suddenly it stops tracking. :rolleyes:

Has anyone else had this problem and are there any fixes or do I need to contact Celestron to complain? :D

I'm considering taking it apart and fitting a more substantial plug connector instead of the push fit standard thing.


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Trying splaying the central connector on the internal (scope) side just a fraction with the end of a pen knife.


I had the same problem on my Nexstar GPS. It's a pain in the bum, but a little tweak to open out the pins sorts it out. Go easy mind, you don't want to damage where the plug is soldered onto the board.

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I had this problem on my CPC 800 after a year of use.

Always used a bit of duct tape to hold it in place, to be on the safe side.

The CGEM 800 I have now has a ring around the connector which screws to the mount, to keep it secure.

I wouldn't be surpised if this is introduced on future CPCs


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Just had a look and can see what you mean about splaying the central prong. I didn't realise that it is in fact splt into two halves.

I'll give that a go and will also duct tape it on in future!

Cheers guys.

Happy viewing :D

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I had this problem with my 127 SLT. Initially I complained to the shop of alignment failures, which were due to running on internal batteries, where the voltage dropped below 12v and the machine gets confused. I connected up a golf trolley battery with the standard lead, but it is loose. I opened the pin and you get a tighter fit, but it is still flaky - and a tiny momentary loss of power sends it haywire. I thought about having a flying lead and torberry connectors, but that risks pulling on the PCB in the machine if it snags. In spite of being in warranty (and in the UK eligible for return as unfit for purpose) I have replaced the 2.1 socket with another 2.1 socket bought on ebay for £1.30 with a matching £1.30 plug and it is a transformed telescope - utterly reliable, a joy to use, and what I bought the blasted thing for in the first place. Its a really easy thing to do - looks unmodified. But - it really shouldnt be necessary. Why do Celestron allow this very common complaint to persist and surely marr their reputation. In all other respects the telescope is an excellent device for the price.

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I had similar problems with my C8 SE. The power connector is cheap, nasty and not up to the job IMHO.  I actually thought of replacing the connector pair with something else, or a new one from Maplin, but it is not easy to get the original socket out (on a SE mount).

Splaying the connector pin with a fine blade works.  Using a cable anchor next to the socket to stop the cable being tugged around also helps.

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