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  1. Hi Graham Not sure if you saw my reply on the other thread. Yes they are in business as Nathan personally delivered my pier last week. But two emails and two texts to him later, he hasn’t replied and I’m still without the pier adapter cnc. I also emailed the info address from their website last night and no reply. Not sure if they have just taken on too much work and Nathan is the main person. But customer service is not a strong point. Meanwhile, I have a pier supplied by them and the levelling plate has an incorrect size hole for my mount bolt. I need 12mm and not the 1
  2. Thanks fifeskies The information you have provided has enabled me to find a supplier very quickly. Adapter plate from Altair Astro due for delivery tomorrow. Very good service from them.
  3. Hi fifeskies Thanks for your response which has now reassured me that I wasn’t going mad. My pier is similar to yours with space under the top plate. Unfortunately Altair Astro we’re out of stock a few months ago when I was looking, so I went with an alternative supplier who now aren’t returning calls or texts. I paid for a pier with an adapter to fit the AZ-EQ6 mount. No adapter and wrong size hole! I did contact Altair Astro yesterday and Ian Knight came back very quickly with the multi pier adapter which should fit. I’ll have a go at drilling a larger centre hole and obtaini
  4. I have purchased a steel pier and the plate should have been drilled to take an adapter for an AZ-EQ6 Mount. The missing adapter is another story, but the pier has been drilled with five 10mm diameter holes - see photo. The mount takes an M12 bolt and I would have thought the centre hole on the pier plate should be 12mm. Or am I missing something here, as without the adapter, I’m working in the dark. Thanks Doug
  5. Having been out of this hobby for three years, I finally moved house where the skies are good, once the street lights switch off during the night. I decided to go for a micro observatory, working remotely from the house and the 32” pier from Home Observatory UK fitted the bill. I tried many times to contact them from mid August, finally managed to order and pay for a pier including an adapter for my AZ-EQ6 mount, mid September. Chased several times and was told early this month that it was awaiting powder coating by a third party. Eventually received emails and texts from Nathan
  6. Dave I've just recently changed my mount from a CGEM to the AZ EQ6 GT mount. The few times I've managed to get out, I've had no problem guiding at or near zenith. I did look at several choices before I purchased and took the advice of my local dealer on what was good for my budget. I'm pleased with the mount and it is quiet. Good luck with your search.
  7. I often get my 3mm extension ring stuck to my filter or other extension rings. What does the trick is wearing a clean pair of household rubber when unscrewing the extension ring. Doug
  8. And why shouldn't we see it again when it' as good as this. I'll add it to my list of targets too.
  9. Thanks for your comments. Olly, my time constraints are more working away from home or leaving at the crack of dawn to get to work. I agree that mono would be quicker and produce a better image, but I like a bit of colour. I recently purchased the Trius SX674C and Ian King did try to persuade me to go mono. Now I've got my set up working after a year of issues, I didn't want to add a filter wheel at this stage. Kirkster, I don't think the focus was out as I'm using a Lakeside Focuser without automating the process and using Maxim to achieve the lowest FWHM value. I think the stars are sli
  10. Ewan Thanks for your comments. This was a OSC. I'm working on star reduction within PixInsight. I would love to do LRGB, but work gets in the way, so OSC gives me quicker results. When I retire in the distant future, I'll move away from OSC. When do we expect to see your NB image I'm currently working on processing 3 hours of Bubble Nebula at the moment.
  11. Very good. Shows what can be done with OSC I've put this one on the back burner for now. Can't wait for your next image.
  12. This is my first light with the Trius SX674C combined with Altair Wave 102. Three hours of imaging at zenith but avoiding a meridian flip. 18 x 10 min subs Guided in PhD Captured in Maxim DL Stacked and Processed in PI Slight tweak in PS Cheers Doug
  13. Hi Ewan / Tom I purchased the Lakeside Motor Focuser System which tends to keep the focuser locked in place, although it doesn't have a clutch to manually adjust the focuser by hand. I have the planostar flattener but was getting elongated stars in two corners with my M26C. After many tests on tube alignment, CCD alignment etc., Ian King lent me one of his own WO flatteners, which looks like it may have done the trick, but tests were limited to a moon lit sky. I did previsously get 10 min subs on M31 guiding in PHD using the planostar flattener, but with a gradient in one corner (probably cau
  14. I uses a dry box which permanently houses a 2 way extension socket, PSU for mount, 4 port USB powered hub For dry box see link http://www.burntec.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=716&currency=GBP The trailing extension socket has a 10m lead which is connected to an external socket. The external socket was fitted by a qualified electrician to the house RCD. From the dry box I have 2 No. 10m active USB cables to my laptop, power cable to the mount and USB cables to CCD cameras and serial cables with USB converter to hand control and focuser At the end of a session, all c
  15. Terry at SX has tested my M26C on his Tak 106 and sent me an image with no elongated stars. This has now ruled out the CCD window. Ian King is now looking into this for me.
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