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Still looking for a nice cheap low power 2" eyepiece.


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...and I just saw this on astro buy and sell for £40: http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=10509

I googled it, but couldn't find anything except an eBay listing for £70 buy it now. The price is right but I think I am looking for something lower powered. Would you guys (whoever's used it) recommend this EP for use in a fast newt. If not, what?



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I've not used one of these personally but the Sky at Night Magazine seemed to like it - I recall it won one of their group tests a while back. It has a very wide field (80 degrees) so the stars would probably not be sharp at the edges of the field in your F5 newtonian but that might not bother you.

If it was in good nick it would probably be a good buy but, IMHO, from the photo this one looks a little "worn", even for that price - sorry if it's an SGL member selling it :?

They are £69 new - here's a link to the Moonfish site http://tinyurl.com/2gptrd

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I have a TMB Paragon 40mm on the way, and will compare it with my Moonfish 30mm for use as my low power 'finder' eyepiece. One will have to go - I suspect the Moonfish. If you're interested, then I'll post back here with details of the one I'm selling! Might take a couple of weeks for a clear night to concide with some free time though.

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I doubt very much that you will find a low-power wide-field eyepiece for £40 that will be sharp across the entire field in an f5 scope. Read that last line again.

If you are willing to compromise, you will find an eyepiece that will give pleasing views.

I have a couple of 2" Revelations (26 and 30mm with 70 degree FOV) in my collection and often use them in an f5 Explorer 200 and enjoy them.

I used to have a 2" Tal Kellner (I think it was a 26mm, or 28). It was a simple 3-element design with a 40 degree (ish) FOV but I really liked it - bright, contrasty images with excellent central sharpness. I sold it but have regretted it ever since; if I see one secondhand, I'll buy it!

There are a lot of good eyepieces out there, if you can compromise.

Hope that helps :lol:

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