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SPC900NC Problems


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Hello, my name is Sam and I'm having serious trouble with my near enough new Phillips SPC900NC.:)

I've had it since mid January and have only just started to try and work it. I have simply removed the lens and replaced it with a home made 1.25" adaptor (made from a film cannister;)) It fits perfectly, etc.

I had a small quick go early February on the moon and got some excellent results (I think I've attached them) During my go I quicly pointed it at Jupiter... Nothing appeared on the screen. I had a very quick fiddle with the settings but had no luck and called it a night. I discussed this with my friend who has been into astronomy for years. Having not many clear nights I didn't get chance to have a proper look at this. Untill only recently.

In the past week or so I have started trying it again but now even the moon has gone all pixelly on the screen and still no luck what so ever with Jupiter.

I am using AmCap to record but I also have SharpCap and Philips VLounge at hand. Have you any suggestions

Regards Sam Hughes



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Your early moon shots seem OK - so the camera works...

Not sure what may be causing your current problems??

Try one of the other freeware WXcapture, Craterlet or the limited trial KK3tools

What scope and set-up were you using for the Jupiter shots?

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