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  1. I have just read your post Kh3ldar and I have just briefly looked up those options. At this moment in time I don't really want to spend anymore money, so for now I'm going to rule out Option 2 & 3! The last option I will definately try this ASAP, but the first option seems interesting I will look into. Thanks:)
  2. Right ok, I already have a finder on the 150p and one on the ST80?! I'd like to have the ST80 at the same point as my 150p as, for example if I'm imaging Jupiter through the 150p I can use my motors to track it but also watch it through the ST80 for my accurate tracking. And also to just compare views, etc. Thanks
  3. My current set up is a Skywatcher 150p on EQ3-2 mount, but with a ST80 mounted ontop as a guidescope(picture at bottom). I would like to use it so both scopes are pointed at the same object, therefore when I am imaging through one I can keep tracking easily with the other. At the moment they are not aligned to do this. How would I do it? Regards Hughesey
  4. Hi, My present set up is a Skywatcher explorer 150p on an EQ3-2 mount with Dual Motor Drives. I have a 60mm refractor tube that I would like to use as a guidescope however have no way to piggy back it on my brackets for the 150p. I need extra 60mm Tube Mounting brackets but I am struggling to find any for sale. If you have any suggestions for my situation or a known website, etc please comments are welcome! Thanks;)
  5. Thanks Barry for the enthusiasm, means a lot and again thanks for clearing things up for me Perry
  6. Thanks James and Perry for the info. I know you don't need the synscan for planets and moon tracking, but I want to have the option of looking at new deep sky objects. Also the synscan would make it easier. With the altaz would I not be able to take minute exposures of planets, would it not stay central? I already have a decent webcam that I take things with on my EQ mount currently, if I had an equatorial wedge would the synscan still work? Regards Sam
  7. Hi For the past year or so, I've been using my trusty SW 150 Newt on it's EQ3-2 mount. It's been an excellent introduction to me into astronomy, but now I'm getting bored and looking to upgrade my kit around Christmas time (Sounds a long time away but I'm saving my money for a holiday in the Summer!) I've done a lot of research and have come to the conclusion of purchasing a new SW skymax 127 but on the az goto mount. The reason for this being I will have my Newt still with me but then a Mak to go more deeply into planetary imaging. The goto will give me the easier tracking option and will also come in useful for new experiences in the sky. But I will also have my EQ on the side ready and raring to go! Do you think this is a good move and are there any other options I could take, bearing in mind I'd like to upgrade to a synscan and I have my budget of no more than £400. Any advice welcome, please!! Thankyou
  8. They are some incredible images! Not massive but so crisp, well played
  9. Thanks for the positive feedback We go for a longer exposure tonight and play with it in Registax for a while. Regards Sam
  10. Our first attempt of imaging Saturn through George's Skymax 127 (No barlow) 127 Mak (2).bmp
  11. Again another thanks sent out, I have got it all working now, i had the wrong settings and focuser set :/ i have not yet tried saturn but it works like a charm on the moon Regards Sam
  12. Thankyou everyone for your help, I wasn't expecting this much attention! I am extremely grateful
  13. Thanks Werner, I will try again tonight, I was sure i had it lined up mind cause i lined it up with eyepiece 1st n then tracked it wiv motor... but thanks with all the help
  14. Ok thankyou Serge, I am really not sure if the webcam is raw modified. I bought it brand new off ebay and off an astro seller for £35, I will try the software recommended. Regards
  15. Hello, my name is Sam and I'm having serious trouble with my near enough new Phillips SPC900NC. I've had it since mid January and have only just started to try and work it. I have simply removed the lens and replaced it with a home made 1.25" adaptor (made from a film cannister;)) It fits perfectly, etc. I had a small quick go early February on the moon and got some excellent results (I think I've attached them) During my go I quicly pointed it at Jupiter... Nothing appeared on the screen. I had a very quick fiddle with the settings but had no luck and called it a night. I discussed this with my friend who has been into astronomy for years. Having not many clear nights I didn't get chance to have a proper look at this. Untill only recently. In the past week or so I have started trying it again but now even the moon has gone all pixelly on the screen and still no luck what so ever with Jupiter. I am using AmCap to record but I also have SharpCap and Philips VLounge at hand. Have you any suggestions Regards Sam Hughes
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