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Any idea what this ebay CCD camera is?

Space Cowboy

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The SPC900 /880 webcam has the same resolution as the DST35 (640x480). The DST35 has a larger sensor which means the pixel size will be greater. The FOV of the of the DST35 will be greater, but to get the best out of it you would need to shoot at a longer focal length than the better 900/880 webcam. The sensor is a cmos so shouldn't be as sensitive as the CCD in the 900/880. For £32 you could get a morgan's SPC880 flashed with 900 firmware which would a better buy. I don't think this camera has been sold by Opticstar for a number of years, the instruction manual only mentions Windows 2000 / XP as the required OS.

The supplied software allows exposure control. If you google "DST35 camera" most of the hits go to Chinese trade sites.


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