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  1. For visual use there's not much benefit in going for an EQ - hence the popularity of the Dobsonians. I've just sold my Synscan AZ mount and it was great for observing when aligned properly, and really that only takes a few moments with 2 star alignment. I also used it for imaging and managed M42 on 45sec subs quite acceptably. I've kept the scope by the way, which is, you've guessed it, a Mak 127. On the subject of focal reducers I wouldn't bother, there are other threads on here that explain better why, but the rear aperture on mine restricts the field of view. I think these now ship with a 2" back, so the aperture may now be improved. Best to ask FLO!
  2. Piers127

    Hi from Essex

    Hi, welcome to the forum!
  3. I received my spiral Turn Left at Orion this afternoon and it has been a revelation for me! I've seen Ms 13, 27, 57, 92 and NGC 6826 all in the space of an hour. Have pics of some of these and viewed through the scope and where possible the binoculars too. Would never have tried without the book. I love it. But then again, I'm a beginner. :-/
  4. Thnaks guys, I'll bear what you've said in mind. Scope it is, I'll save for better aperture!
  5. Hi, I'm considering buying a refractor for wide-field DSO photography. I've seen the SW Equinox 66 Pro on FLO and wondered if this would be a sensible investment or if greater aperture would pay more dividends if I save a while longer? Would the 66, say, have any serious advantages over my 100-300 f5.6 Canon lens? If not, would it be sensible to use the camera lens instead? Any help gratefully received.
  6. Viewing for Jupiter was excellent last night, but I had to go to bed before it cleared properly. Also caught Uranus, my first view. Never fails to get the blood pumping when I see something new for the first time, and for me that means I have a lot of excitement to come!
  7. Clear blue skies here in Basildon after a rather foggy start. Let's hope it continues through the afternoon and evening. Rather too much wandering cloud recently for my taste!
  8. Another great M31. Fantastic detail! Must get busy...
  9. That's amazing! I have a 550d and was starting to think I would never get decent astro shots through it, but you've renewed my enthusiasm! Is your 500D modded at all?
  10. Interesting, Heavens Above doesn't list a transit at the time I saw. Reckon some debris, then. Quite interesting.
  11. I stand corrected, thanks! Meteor or satellite I have no idea, I'll check out the link, cheers!
  12. I just saw a meteorite! Shot across from right to left just above Algol. First I've ever witnessed. Wonder whose satellite that one was...?
  13. Ordered it! Not missing out - my local Waterstone's had a paperback 3rd edition on the shelf but I remembered a new one was due so held back. Glad I did...
  14. Great, I've just tried and can now get in. Looks like I need to sell all my belongings and be very quick...
  15. I'm in the same boat, passed the required 50 posts last Weds, still waiting for access. I clicked the link and got the same thing, access denied. Patience, Grasshopper...
  16. Hi Jiggy. Gladly! Best advice was to watch Astronomy Shed's videos on YouTube. He's re-done the video there is a link to in the thread and there are now five in a row dealing with all aspects of alignment and setup. Part 1 is here: Complete Mount & Scope Setup. PART ONE - YouTube I'd read the guides with my kit and was aligned okay, my problem was a basic lack of understanding about the start position of the scope. These videos show how to precisely set that up. That said, I went through everything everyone suggested until I realised that I had that wrong! Not managed a 3-star alignment yet, but the two was so good for visual use (I've not balanced up for use with my DSLR yet) that it didn't matter. I went in and watched Spooks, came back and the drift was minimal. I love this mount! It's so superior to my old AZ GoTo. I did sneak a 2min shot of Andromeda before the clouds rolled in. First of many, I hope... (Shamefully poor so I won't share).
  17. I've just viewed Caldwell 13 through my 25mm, looks stunning!
  18. Hurray! Success first time. Many thanks, all!
  19. Hi all, It seems my inexperience with EQ mounts has been the root of all my problems. Having aligned I then started the scope (as per the instructions with the mount) from that position assuming that was the starting place. Having watched Astonomy Shed's videos and seen your comments I'll then ask the mount to park, release the clutches and manually reset to home and start alignment from there. Many thanks all! I'll let you know if I have any problems tonight (clouds allowing!) Piers
  20. Oh, and as for star names, there must be American/English problems, some of the stars the handset suggested even Stellarium blanked. I'm like Andy, but have no view to the NW/West! Quite frustrating when all the suggested stars are behind my house. I'm hoping the Serial convertor arrives soon!
  21. Great advice all, I'll try all the methods above tonight, clouds allowing! Cheers!
  22. Clutch free it shall be! I'm too tired to try this again tonight and as the mount is quite noisy I'll spare my neighbours and go to bed. Many thanks!
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