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I have read here that people are using webcams to obtain reasonable novice quality images....I have tried with my mobile phone camera and with my Sony Alpha100, DSLR, to take a photo of the eyepiece view, but it was useless..How does one use the webcam?? Does one place it into the eyepiece view? Or, into the hole without the eyepiece? My laptop has an in-built webcam...Can I hold up my laptop in front of the eyepiece???:glasses1:

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Well - I'd advise against holding the laptop to the eyepiece if only cos you risk dropping it and clunking the scope in the process.

Perhaps a good solution for you would be to try mounting your DSLR using a T-ring and adaptor, Or a Universal adaptor. Or you could try a webcam with adaptor - Morgans do the SPC880 for around £25-£30 with adaptor and uv/ir filter.

Phone FLO about the Sony cos I'm not familiar with that camera but they'll give you good advice. Here's a few links:

Cheap Philips SPC880 webcam - 49269 - discounts & offers

Adaptors - Skywatcher Universal Camera Adapter

Adaptors - T Rings

Adaptors - FLO 1.25-inch T mount camera adapter

Hope that helps :glasses1:

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Thanks for your help, I am really ignorant in this area....If I get a T-adapter and a T-ring, would that be enough to play around with? I have a Sony Alpha A100 DSLR camera....with a 35-70mm lens.

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