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  1. Hi Graig, I wasn't really thinking of Astro photography, but I have read that the 8SE has a rather smallish mount that is maybe a bit weak for the scope. Anyway, I will have a look at the scopes once I get to go to UAE... I am working for a construction company and we are building access roads for the oil company somewhere in the desert, there is work here but the security is not so good, although it is much more quiet in the desert... It is like living on the moon here. George
  2. Dear Firends, After moving from UAE to Thailand for a couple of years I now find myself working for my old company and this time in Sahara Desert in Libya. When I left Thailand I donated my scope to the local school there in Thailand in my community. It was a Celestron 130 SLT. Of course in Libya there is no question of having a scope here, it is too dangerous and one would never get it through customs in one piece anyway....It is a pity because the night sky in the desert is nothing short of spectacular, even if there are a few oil fires in my area that add a bit of light pollution. The good news is that my company is planning to shift me back to my old job in the UAE and I am thinking to purchase a new scope there, probably the Celestron 8SE. During my time with the smaller scope, I found it to be lacking in terms of detail in my planetary observations, particualry Jupiter and Saturn and not good results with Mars. As for the DSO's they were not more than faint blobs of light. I would like to hear your views about the 8SE and whether it would be logical step forward as a slightly more advanced scope. (aperture-wise)
  3. The Stelarium application is also a useful tool for the PC as is googles android app for your mobile or tablet.
  4. Had my first thai light last night, gotto say the skies are a lot blacker here compared to the dusty hazy orange glow that is UAE.....However, there are mosquitos feasting on your fingers and legs...Got to see Jupiter in all his glory plus the Pleades...
  5. Now that I am in a new location I have two appearances on the map. How do i remove the old one?
  6. Hi Friends, I have recently moved to live and work in Thailand and I just got my scope a few days ago as it arrived by sea-freight from UAE along with my other household items... The viewing is good in my location, with relatively less light pollution than UAE, although I haven't yet used my scope due to the cloudy conditions here. I had a look with my binos and a lot of stars are there to be seen, I am waiting for a clear night... The scope looks as if it has not suffered any damage during transit. So, wait for my reports...
  7. Yes I also noticed this with my newly acquired 3mm EP....It seems like a saturn feature.
  8. I was not planning to use it with the barlow...but it seems a nice idea, but theoretically the EP length would become 1.5 mm then the magnification would be 433.3x which is overdoing it a bit...
  9. how blue is Neptune....Uranus seemed to be like greenish or turquiose
  10. why is it like that? Does it not focus or is it too wobbly? In any case I will have to see when I get it... At a 9mm EP with a 2x Barlow, my image is good, although a bit small. I hope to increase the size using this 3mm EP. Of course I wouldn't use the Barlow with it.
  11. this is a Omegon LE sieres 3mm EP which I think has a good eye relief (20mm). Omegon Eyepiece LE Series 3mm 1,25" Has anyone got this EP? What are your exepriences with it?
  12. thanks DP I am looking forward to that once my 3 mm EP comes along...
  13. Friends, I have just ordered a 3mm EP to use on Saturn and other planets along with a light blue filter. I use a Barlow 2x and a 9 mm EP and I have a nice result although my saturn is still a bit small, it looks like a pea. Maybe with this 3mm EP, I should be able to get a larger image. The filter is to bring out some more contrast in the image, as I found using my moon filter with the present barlow 2x and 9mm does help to make certain banding faintly visible.
  14. I have never seen Neptune, but I think I have seen Uranus, as a faint star with a greening hint to it....I don't think that Neptune would be visible in my scope...
  15. All is well, it works as before, no optical damage and it finds its way round the sky pretty much as it should...I think this time I have been lucky... I know now why celestron supplied a small screw driver....I found that most of the scopes screws were slightly loose and tightened them...Including the main tube screw and some other mount screws... The bent collimation screw will serve to remind me of my careless-ness.
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