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Street lights and an LPR filter

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Hi all

I am thinking of getting a 2" LPR filter and attaching it to my dslr, for some piggy back shots with various lenses, in the garden.

I have heard that LPR filters work with certain types of lighting. I have seen some captures that have come out great, when using the filter, when there was light pollution from the orange street lamps.

We had those types of street lamps until a few weeks ago and now they have all been changed to the bright white lamps.

Would an LPR still be worth getting or would this different type of lighting make the filter pointless?

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I may be wrong, but I think your question is academic as you probably won't find an LP filter big enough to fit your lens(es). I think the CLS clip filter will fit a 350D but expensive!

No idea on the frequency of the newer white lights, but don't forget when you point the scope away from them you'll still be picking up the LP from thousands of others of various types.


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I can fit a 2" filter to my camera by using a step up/down ring and it would only be used on the camera for wide-field shots from my back garden in town.

The main reason why i am asking about the street lights is because i am sure i have heard somewhere that these LPR filters only work with certain types of light pollution, so i just wanted to clarify this a bit more because of the street lamp change in my area.

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The standard LPR filters as you say are designed to suppress the Sodium (yellow) and Mercury ( green Blue) street lights...so it would have helped you with the old light.

If the new light is a LED or similar then the continuous spectrum they emit is very difficult ( read impossible!) to suppress...

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It's the way the street lighting industry is going.

LEDs cost more to put in, but the long term benefits are reduced maintenance and energy consumption and less CO2 impact.

LEDs are also meant to produce less light polution with no sky glow.

Only time will tell.....

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