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  1. For a fourth attempt at using the scope that is absolutely excellent - well done. Wish my 4th attempt had been anywhere near as good! David
  2. dlp

    ISS pass

    Cloudy here, but a friend just tweeted that she had seen a bright satellite going N>S into Orion just before it. I saw this last week and it's VERY bright overhead. I assumed it was an Iridium but can't find one listed at that time. Anyone any idea? PsychoBilly? David
  3. I'm no expert, but on the CCD Inspector help file, '3D curvature plot viewer' subject shows the meanings of the colours. In the OP's example it would appear that the central green area is more defocused than the outer blue area. Not sure about the curvature as that's not shown on the image, but it looks pretty flat. David
  4. Any forum experts for a few pointers please?
  5. Hi Andy - thanks for giving me access to your dropbox. I've had a 'quick' play in PI and come up with the attached. There's still a bit of red in the b/g but not too bad. Only process in PS was slight levels adjustment and smart sharpen. Looking forward to getting my own shots soon - hope they're as good as yours! I'm sure it could be improved by doing the whole stack in PI, and as it looks like dropbox d/l all your files in the background I may do that! David
  6. Nice! Just for info, the QHY5 software doesn't work with MetaGuide, more's the pity! David
  7. Guiding, in all senses of the word (just finding my way!)
  8. Well these two targets had been taunting me for too long, so when the sky gloriously cleared last night I had a go. First is the Horsehead (B33) in Orion. What a pig this was! I took 30 subs ranging 30s-120s and I wasn't even sure from the display on APT that I was on the target. Turned out incredibly grainy, but now I know where it is... Second is the Rosette, about 14mins in all, and I couldn't see a darn thing on the laptop, although I had the vaguest suggestion of a circular-like pattern. It was the last to process today, and I was truly amazed to see that I had been on target. Pig to process again. Both stacked/processed in PI with a little bit of work in PS. More/longer subs I hear you cry, but comments/crit welcome!
  9. Well the sky finally cleared here last night and I scrambled to get the scope out/aligned etc. After the rain (and the Jetstream moving N) the sky looked wonderful, and I could make out M31 fairly easily naked eye. I had a list of targets and these two were on that - firstly M37, not the most inspiring target but I wanted to try and sort out my guiding. Things went reasonably well and I got 20 subs from 30s-60s without too many duff ones. Second was M35, which I hoped would turn out OK as it's much more visually interesting than M37. 17 good subs ranging 30s-120s and quite easy to process too. Both stacked/processed in PI with a small amount of work in PS to finish off. Comments/crit welcome! Also managed a couple of big Nebs - see my other posting - busy night!
  10. No - Calibre reformats them usually nicely. I have had issues where the pdf includes formulae, then it the formatting goes a bit squiffy!
  11. It's still a pain scrolling around them tho'!
  12. If anyone has a PDF you can convert it to mobi format and many others in the excellent free prog 'Calibre' David
  13. Had a go too. Seems to be some banding I didn't correct, and those strange colour streaks, but I think if you took the 32bit into PixInsight you'd be able to get a lot more out of it. David
  14. Nice one Bizibilder - still haven't managed to get this one myself. I had a quick play with your image in PS and found that with judicious application of the dodge tool (midtones, exposure 50%) on the dust lanes you can get even more detail! David
  15. Shame they're all old images too!
  16. I think you probably need an extension tube - an easy way to check is to slowly move the cam out of the diagonal or scope tube and watch the display. If it looks like it's going to focus then you need an extension (I found I had to pull my cam right out of the tube while keeping it aligned before I got focus) David
  17. Great combination - you won't be disappointed. Do you mean NEQ6? Wish I'd gone for one of those originally as my setup is getting too heavy now. If it is you can add GOTO by using EQMOD. David
  18. What is the point of using a CLS-CCD filter on a modded camera on a reflector? It cuts the IR spectrum, which is what the camera was modded to allow? The OP's pic is well saturated because it's 300s - it needs a lot more subs of shorter exposures to be added to the stack. There was also no real point of putting a single shot into DSS - it would have surely been better handled in PS? David David
  19. Maybe some photos of Sara's setup would be useful?
  20. It's difficult to make a mask that completely excludes the b/g, so when you adjust curves I think you'll then need to readjust the b/g using the reversed mask. As it is I think without any adjustment your b/ g is pretty neutral. Edit: use the cursor tool on the b/g to read rgb values
  21. Nice! Think you could improve it with a couple of applications of HDR wavelets, a masked saturation increase, and a slight increase in blue using the mask. Subsequently, with reversed mask, a slight pull down on the red and slight increase in green on the b/g. I'd then move over to PS and try a high pass (about 40px) on a duplicate layer and set to soft light, adjusting opacity to taste. Just my six pennorth! David
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