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  1. Going tomorrow with Rob. Haven't been before but looking forward to it.
  2. Here is an update: Thanks to JamesF for sending a working spare motor for me to try and solve the problem. I tried the replacement motor, on the ra cable, before putting it on the mount and it turns anti-clockwise (backwards) at x8 but does not turn clockwise (forwards) at all even at x8. JamesF Assured me the motor worked before he sent it and asked me to try it on the dec connection. I checked the replacement motor, and my other 2, on the dec cable, at x8, and they all seem to work ok off the mount, and if i try to stop them with my thumbnail it starts to grind the nail down. So i tried them again on the ra cable and: My dec motor works on tracking and x8 forwards and backwards but stops real easy on thumbnail test. My ra motor works intermittently on tracking and works x8 forwards and backwards but stops real easy on thumbnail test. The replacement motor now works intermittently on tracking and works x8 backwards but not at all forwards and stops real easy on thumbnail test. I thought what the blumming hell is going on here so i took the handset apart and got my multimeter out (which i am not overly knowledgeable about any other settings) and checked voltages. Direct power into handset is 6.1V RA volts as it pulses goes a bit like this : 3.3, 3.3, 3.3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0, 2.9, 2.8, 2.7, 2.6, 2.5, 2.4, 2.2, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.3, 3.3. RA volts x8 : 3.2 solid So i don't know whether it's supposed to do that? Could it be the handset that has been causing the problems all along?
  3. This is what i use my HTC Desire on using a free app called SkEye which you can adjust and fine tune, it's not exactly accurate but a useful addition though : Tripod Stand Holder ES53 Camera Mobile Phone Cellphone | eBay https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lavadip.skeye&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5sYXZhZGlwLnNrZXllIl0.
  4. Strange the link stopped working Freddie, here's the addy http://www.amazon.co.uk/Booster-Recovery-compressor-HILKA-83606012/dp/B005VEKHKI/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1330871709&sr=8-16 I shall check them out Gaz.
  5. Hi all I was thinking of using an alternative power source for my eq3 drives (which i am still trying to sort out ) The 4 x D cell battery method (6V) is ok at first but would be better if i can find a good rechargeable solution. I have already been down the rechargeable D cell rout which wasn't helping my motor problem. I don't want to spend mega bucks because the next step up in mount would possibly be EQ5/poss goto or equivalent. I found this on amazon, it seems to have 12, 9, 6 & 3V outputs, and was wondering if this would be ok: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Booster-Recover ... 09&sr=8-16 Any other suggestions welcomed too. Thanks
  6. Thanks. What helped a lot, to get it in focus, was the live view on the Canon 40d, pick a star on the screen, zoom in x 10, focus, job done. The first one i took was on my old Canon 350d which didn't have live view so it was take a pic, view it on the laptop, refocus, take another pic..........etc.......etc........etc
  7. Hi all This is my second attempt at M42 from the back garden. This is 5 darks and 6 x 30 sec subs at ISO 800 on a Canon 40d and through a SkyWatcher 150p on a EQ3-2 with a dodgy dec motor driving the ra (long story.....). This was my first attempt in January 2011
  8. After a fair bit of hunting info and waiting for emails (OVL) with not much joy i have come to the conclusion that it's going to be easier to by the complete setup again. Here is more info i have found out from scouring other forums. "Google doesn't give you much. However it is obvious from the part number that that is a 42mm (NEMA 17) stepper, 48 steps per revolution, and it almost certainly has a gearhead on it (because 48 steps per rev is quite coarse). You could try this one - http://www.deejayladen.com/de/ADJ-Motor ... 1-10A.html Does yours look exactly like this? I'm not sure if this one has a gearhead (it might). I don't know how many teeth are on the worm wheel of the EQ3 / CG4 because that would determine the gearhead ratio. But if its 144 teeth like the Vixen Polaris (I heard the CG4 is a Polaris clone) then you could use the exact same motor that Vixen uses - the Nippon Pulse PF-C42H48-C1." "The motors look very similar (ignoring the gearbox on the top of mine and the mounting brackets). The coil resistance in mine is 17 Ohms which lead me to believe that I have 42BY48L03 (15 Ohms). However, the model number was different (BY instead PM) but then I tried adding 03 to my model number and searching google - it came up with this webpage http://www.motionking.com/Products/PM_Stepper_Motors/42PM_Stepper_Motor.htm . The motors listed there have the same specs as the ones you have found so now I know that my 42PM48L is just a rebadged 42BY48L. Interestingly the BY motor is called PM motor on the webpage but has BY in the model number. Also I noticed that my motor has the centre wire removed from the coils to make it bipolar only. So my suspicions were right, the original controller is "under-powering" the stepper motors. The motors are rated at 19V, 1.27A and they are running at 6V, 0.35A only. I suppose that with all the gearing there is enough torque to rotate the mount at 6V and this will save the battery power." JamesF "Actually, out of interest, is that the DEC or RA motor in the photos above? And are there two nylon gears in the gearbox or just the one? My DEC gearbox only has one nylon gear -- the one driven by the motor. stan26's posts suggest that he has a nylon gear on the output shaft as well. I'm wondering if the design has changed." The photo shows my ra stepper and dec gearbox. There is only 1 nylon gear but its moulded into a large gear one side and a smaller one the other. Bizibilder "Swap the RA and Dec motors to keep you going until you can find a replacement." I have done that but i found that when the dec motor is used on the ra lead of the controller the motor works in reverse. So i am going to try it out in the S position (instead of N) and see if it tracks ok. 35mmslr "If you do invest in a new kit I would be interested in buying your old RA motor with the gear box so that I may get mine going again." That would be no problem, i just hope you actually GET A RESPONSE from ovl. It is just a pain that a multi part item (motor drives) is sold with no support for obtaining spare parts available to order. I own an old Manfrotto tripod and had a leg section clamp break on me, i checked their support and found i could order every single item of that tripod. SkyWatcher is a large brand, why can't they do this too.......???????
  9. Here is some pics to explain. The motor and gearbox together. The motor and gearbox apart. The motor and tape measure.
  10. Hi all I have an EQ3-2 with dual axis motor drives which have stopped working properly recently. I think the dreaded Chinese grease in the mount was partly to blame for wrecking the motors. This has now been all cleaned out and also cleaned out the motor drive gearboxes. The stepper motors though (on their own) don't feel like they have much torque behind them anymore and when I put them back on they intermittently work and more often just sit there chugging away but not moving anything. I was wondering if you can just buy new stepper motors to replace the old ones, otherwise you have to buy the whole setup again. Out of the 2 stepper motors only 1 had a label on it saying: 42PM48L BZ NO:20101012 I have tried searching google for these numbers and found some 42PM motors but there were different variations of the rest of the numbers and nothing exact, so i don't really know if there would be an alternative that would be suitable. Any help and advice would be much appreciated as I don't have much more hair to pull out.....lol.
  11. I see alot of great sunrises and sunsets because of the shift patterns of my job. This one though is up there with some of the impressive ones i have seen. Great pic, so much colour.
  12. Thanks for the info Peter.
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