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Getting started with photos (and astronomy!)

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I'm not sure if this is the place to post this (or whether it should be in the imagery section) so feel free to move or tell me to repost elsewhere...

I got my first telescope for Christmas (Meade etx80) and so just starting to find my way around. I quite like the idea of taking photos of what I see and wondered what a good starting point is. I have a film SLR (well my wife does!) but live in the Caribbean where developing is expensive so would prefer digital (also as I expect early images not to be great). I own various digital point and shoot cameras and at some point may buy a DSLR but not for a while.

I saw the celestron neximage and this looked like a good staring point but I also read various posts that suggest buying a webcam (like Cheap Philips SPC880 webcam - 49269 - discounts & offers) instead and an adaptor as it will give the same results for cheaper.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?


p.s. I forgot to say my laptop of preference is a Mac but I also have a windows laptop if it is easier.

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The SPC900 would be a good place to start for Planets and the Moon.

As you've already guessed you need a laptop, a Mac can be used and we do have many members who use Mac's, but there are more software choices for Windows based machines.

A lot of the software that you would need is free.

Film astrophotography is hard and IMO avoided at all costs... :) Digital much better.

You'll get on well with the SPC900, it's a great camera to cut your teeth on!


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sorry to jump in tiredboy, i just wanted to thank rowan46 for link.

cheers mate

Same here

Great link and just what I was looking for before my 880 arrives .... and then hopefully a clear night


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