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  1. Cant see a thing for the snow
  2. I'll be impressed if you only have a mower in the storage part
  3. I'd say that’s totally up to you, if you've room on the scope then there's no reason not to have both on there. Try both and see how you get on, if it’s awkward or it's not comfortable then try removing the finder.
  4. Just popped back in and found this I was using the HEQ5 with an 8" reflector and it was fine although our garden is pretty sheltered. The NEQ6 on the other hand would need a bulldozer to move it!! it weighs a LOT more than the HEQ5 and this is one reasons I am still not decided on selling it as its easier to cart out of the garage and set up but this is only once out and once in per session and do I really need a second mount? no probably not and just think on all the stuff I could buy with the cash!! I only bought the NEQ6 as I was on Astrobuysell at the right time and got an utter bargain,
  5. Well before I upgraded from a HEQ5 to an NEQ6 I looked for a some pictures to compare the size of the two mounts, yes the NEQ6 is bigger but by how much? I didn't see very many so I decided to take a couple of pictures of both mounts to try and show the difference. Excuse the stuff in the background I still have both mounts so if anybody wants a picture of this or that let me know and I'll try and get it done The heads Shorter tripod on the left is the one for the NEQ6 and the taller one on the right is for the HEQ5 didn't have the saddle fitted to the NEQ6 as you may have noticed
  6. Davie


  7. you could always buy/make a tall stool to sit on
  8. Thanks for the replies The garage is the only option to be honest and has been since I began this hobby, anywhere else and the kids will more than likely have it broken in days. Its now on its side next to the mount on my racking. Next time I get a couple of hours spare I'll see about making a box for it
  9. Hello all, At the moment my 200 PDS is stored vertically in the garage but I'm having a clean out and a sizable shelf on my racking is now clear. I know this might be a silly question but would it be OK to store it on its side? I'm sure it is but would like some confirmation before it moves to its new home. Cheers Davie
  10. Don't forget second hand!! there's a few dobs pop up on http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.phpevery now and then and you can save a lot of cash or get more for your money here. If you're not desperate then its worth keeping an eye open for a bargain As James mentioned its worth going to a star party if there's one near and you have the time to see what various scopes are like to look through hope this helps Davie
  11. Hello Boshank23,There's a site that deals in second hand astronomy gear, astrobuysell.com/UK it's worth a look there as there can be more than 40 items per day show up. Hope that helps a little Cheers Davie
  12. Agreed, then i noticed it was 3 years old Being of the mechanical persuasion i have to admit that they do seem to be over engineered quite a lot. If people wanted to get rid of the top plate they could always get a tapered shim machined to fit between the top of the pier and the mount to true it up.
  13. Welcome ! you'll have plenty of questions in the coming months/years and if you don't get an answer here then you are in trouble Good choice with the 10" Dob it's a cracking first scope.
  14. It looks very neat! How long did it take you from start to finish? Has your roof got a slope? It looks very flat on the pictures.
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