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  1. Oops. Can't remember. just played around until it looked best on the screen. Will try again on a clear night with some of the settings suggested earlier in the thread. On that note, does having a "fast" or "slow" scope affect the settings you should use regarding gamma, gain, frame rate etc?
  2. I think I did but it was picking numbers, not a systamatic approach. I'll go back to the AVI and try again. On another note, is ther a point above which getting more frames isn't going to help?
  3. First time trying to image jupiter last week and managed the attached. Taken using the 2x flip barlow. If anyone wants to have a copy of the AVI file and see what they can do then let me know, I'd love to see what is possible by someone who knows what they are gdoing with the software! A few questions: 1) Why is the image B&W (it may be something as simple as a B&W checkbox I didn't realise)? 2) What is the best I can expect from my setup?
  4. Great thread (will read through it all later, especially once I've had some attempts myself). As a slight tangent, something that may be useful when determining how good our images are would be a "this is my picture of Jupiter using xxxxxx and SPC880 (or similar)" thread. If people posted their photos and (scope details) as a beginner such as myself it would be easier to see if we were on the right lines (trying to compare my images from a small scope against something much better just means I expect too much).
  5. On a slight tangent, how useful is a green laser? I feel I'm missing out not having one.
  6. I have the same problem with my Meade ETX80. I can use the webcam with the barlow flipped in but not with it flipped out. Might have to look into this. Any other solutions greatly received.
  7. I use paralells in lion and run windows in that. Good compromise to have the benefits of a mac but windows if you need it. I did use bootcamp for a coup,le of years but restarting the computer everytime I wanted to switch between the two became a pain.
  8. I (well my wife!) purchased from harison telescopes. They were very helpful and would have replaced it but didn't have any in stock so refunded and I purchased a replaceemnt on a trip to New York. I know what you mean about lugagge which is why a lightweight hand lugage option is great for me. The goto takes a bit of getting used to (or reading the instruction manual and taking time to set it up properly!) but once it's done it seems to be great. The only negative I would say is a lack of a finder scope which would be useful in aligning the scope (or using without the goto if you want to learn the sky). Personally I like the idea of being able to learn my way around the skly when pointing things out to friends but (at least for now) using the goto to get me where I want to go in the quickest time possible when I'm looking through the scope!
  9. For what its worth, apart from a couple of manuufacting issues (one involved a replacement and the second me tightening a screw!) I'm really happy with my ETX-80. It's great to have something that I can carry as hand luggage on a plane without getting any second looks and have up and running easily and quickly.
  10. Backscatter, you are a star (no pun intended). I had a closer look at my scope, saw the screw, undid, repositioned, tightened and all is now well. Barlow working like a charm. If for whatever reason we ever meet, I owe you a drink. For anyone with a similar problem, when you take the knob off (carefully) you'll notice that there is a flat section on the spindle that corresponds to where the screw goes (to stop the knob rotating). If you don't line up the spindle and the knob correctly it won't work properly.
  11. These might be useful: ISSTracker ~ Real-Time Location Tracking of the International Space Station ISS - Visible Passes (you'll need to change the location)
  12. OK, so I posted elsewhere about my ETX-80 flip barlow problem (knob not tight, barlow slides in unless I hold knob). I've had a couple of people suggests fixes but I'm starting to lean towards fixing it in place and buying a serperate barlow. A coupld of questions: 1) What barlow did you get as I've seen a couple of people post that the barlow they bought won't focus as not enough focus travel 2) Have you used it with a webcam? I have a modded philips but can only use it with the barlow flipped in (can get enough focus travel without barlow). Thanks in advance.
  13. Are there any tutorials on how to get to the hex screw? I'm thinking that an alternative to the loosening might be to tighten it. Alternatively, I'll be out looking for o-rings this week!
  14. The barlow is actually OK (from my novice perception). It may be a case of a bit of bluetack to holfd it in place. When I looekd at it in the light it appears that the knob that should be turned has come out slightly (as if it has been pulled out or never pushed in). I'm hoping that with a bit of encouragement I can get it pushed back in and all will be well!
  15. OK, so i gave my replacement etx-80 its first night out last night and goto now works. What a completely different experience it is when it works! The only problem is that the flip barlow on this one seems loose. When the scope was pointing high the barlow started to flip so that I had to hold the barlow in (or out). It seems as if it just needs tightening somehow so it stays wherever it is set. Is there an easy fix?
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