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Skywatcher 150PL focuser upgrade

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Hi, I would like to upgrade the standard 1.25" focuser on my 6" Skywatcher, the main issue being the amount of play. I've looked at various focusers but they all seem to be for larger scopes or the cost makes them uneconomical. Has anyone got any suggestions for a reasonably priced upgrade ? Thanks Paul

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hi Paul

not sure what your budget is but this Skywatcher - Dual-speed Crayford 1.25/2 inch focuser for Skywatcher Explorer would seem suitable?

I have also used some packers to raise a Revelation version Revelation Newtonian Crayford Focuser Dual Speed onto my own 6" so it can definitely be fitted to yours with some mods. let me know if you need more details.

Both of these are decent dual speed focusers.

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I've been looking at focusers for a while now, so glad to see this post as I share your pain - can't make my mind up. I've got the SW 150PL too. The Revelation one on the link above says for Newts 9" and above....most of the focusers seem to be for larger aperture Newts. Us smaller aperture guys are struggling to get a top notch focuser. What if budget were no object (to a degree...), any other ideas please folks?

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Hi Paul

I fitted a dual speed 2" crayford to my 150PL OTA. The hole in the OTA has to be enlarged a bit, but it's not a difficult task.


The key part is the curved baseplate from Telescope Service which fits the 150 OTA perfectly.


Telescope House does a very nice focuser that's not too expensive and fits the Telescope Service baseplate.



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