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  1. Hi Olli my 10" flex has been stored in this garden tool shed (see avatar) for five years or so and is as good as new. I put a dob cover over it just to be safe. Fitted with caster wheels, makes it easy to set up.
  2. Hi, you will need to buy either a sky wire cable or blue tooth connection. Both are available at the wide screen centre, in the "navigational" section. I've used the cable for a few years on my SW250 dob and it's great. Good luck.
  3. Hi, I found the drum stool to be to low, I managed to pick up an adjustable stool on Amazon which went much higher. I couldn't find the exact version but it was very similar to this one. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00LBVTU8K/ref=twister_B00MBE38ZW?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  4. Woke up thinking the same thing, visually Jupiter was poor last night in Buckingham. I was wondering if it was the new LED lights they have just installed or my scope had issues. The seeing seems to have deteriorated over the last couple of months as I haven't had a good session with Jupiter this year.
  5. Hi, I needed a bit more height for the zenith on my 10" dob, this stool goes from 63" to 85". http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00E3BEK6W?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00
  6. I've had one of these for the last year and it works fine. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Red-LED-Multiposition-Headtorch-Lightweight/dp/B00AYXG3E0
  7. I have the maxivision 34mm 2" (slight too much eye relief but great fun), 24mm, and Meade 16mm (which is the same) and in MHO they are great EP's for the price. You can pick up the 24mm for £69.
  8. Hi, Futurelearn are about to start the OU on line course on moons. I did it earlier in the year and it was very good, and in some places very challenging. There is also a short course covering gravity. https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/moons
  9. Hi Kerry I managed to flock the whole of my 10" scope, but I have recently read in S@N that flocking the internal of the Focuser is also recommended. I recently cleaned the primary and to be honest it's to my regret. The first star test showed major stress on the primary and I had to undo everything and start again, which I've not been able to re check over the last month. When I clean again I wouldn't remove the mirror from the mounting, probably not the right thing but from my experience It seems to present less potential issues
  10. Quick snap of the Sun at 11.02 using iPhone, celestron 120 & wedge.
  11. Hi, I have the10" SW which I would highly recommend. Fitted with a set of wheels / castors it is easily rolled out and the viewing position is just right for an old office chair on castors. This gives me a quick and comfortable setup which means I get to use the scope more.
  12. Hi, the seeing in the uk has been poor for the last week, that's if it's not raining or cloudy. On a good night you should be able to see the two main belts and the northern & Southern zones. Sometimes Jupiter is just too bright to see the finer detail, might be worth using a filter to reduce the glare, maybe something like a moon filter ?
  13. Hi, my dob has been stored in a shed for the past two years and I had no problems at all. It's covered to try and keep the dust & insects out. Good thing is its aways cooled down and takes no time to set up, gives me the opportunity to get an hour of viewing which I probably wouldnt bother with if I had to carry it from the house.
  14. Hi all, I'm finding the standard r&p Focuser lacks the fine tuning I would like when viewing with my celestron 120 refractor. I have striped and re greased it and it's only marginally better. I have searched the web and cannot find any reference to a micro Focuser for this scope, I assume because it's a r&p type, and the only direct replacement is the GSO Focuser which I can only find in the USA. Does anyone have any suggestions ? Thanks
  15. Hi Adam, I use two sat and have no issues. If you have some distance between the two, for example one in the east and one in the south you will get better accuracy. When I first started I when through the list of stars on the handset and marked a dozen or so of the brightest on a planesphere, which helped with setting up, especially when you're choosing your second star. Good luck
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