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Atk 1c Problem

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I seem to have a problem with my atk 1 c II. Just wondering if anyone can help,

On video mode everything works fine but on long exposure mode I just get white where the preveiw is ment to be ????? and it will not take any picys

Can't see any cables of inside or any sorts ( not to say there is none ) anyone got any idears???


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Im using K3ccdtools

If I cover the camra with my hand it does go dark, at least its working :D

Im not too sure on the kccd settings as Im just trying to work all this out,

is the LX setting on the little Long Exposure capture window?

I have that set at the moment at 0.5


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Next test is to see if the LX is working. You could do this by wrapping the camera nosepiece in foil so that the light can't get in, then pricking a tiny hole in the foil in the centre of the nosepiece. This should let enough light in to see what adjusting the settings does. It should also focus an image on the chip.

It sounds like there's not a lot wrong with it other than settings.

Captain Chaos

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Thats good news then Mark , best thing is when its all set up , set everything at about 50% gain ets etc , and run a 9 second exposure , this will allow you to get focus , once you have that slew where u need to go , and do a 30 sec exposure just to check everthing is ok , then go for it , make sure the amp off if in the off position, although they say amp glow does not come in till after 40 secs , i always used mine for all exposures , good luck , globs are a good thing to go for first , try them prob only need about a 20 25 sec exposure for them , orion to about that same ,


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i had the same problem with the one i had. are you able to focus with the foil over the nose piece if not you might have to send it away to be repaired as there was a problem with the chip in mine. don't want to put a downer on it.


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