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Solar tracking 127 Mak Synscan

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Got my solar filter, and getting to learn how to find the Sun (trickier than what I would have thought) but want it to track the Sun.

I go into setup on hte handpiece, and find the tracking choices, pick Solar and enter, but doesnt track?? What else should I be doing?

Thank you. :)

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I cant do an alignment, can I, unless the Sun counts as a bright star. :)

Its tracking now but cant remeber what I did??

I think I had the Sun .... called into Venus and entered, did a 2 star alignmnet, and let the scope go where it wanted, which looked rougly right, back to Venus, and autotrack ... I think, and its working.

Is there a better/correct way?

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I have the EQ version of the Synscan and use it for my solar imaging.

I usually don't bother with the alignment. I just press "2" - No when asked about alignment, then go to the setup menu and select solar tracking rate....that's it.

I use the handcontroller keys to position the scope on the sun and enjoy.

Things may be different with the Alt-Az version????

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I was looking for info on solar filters and came across this.

Anyway, this is what I do. First I use the handset to set up correctly for position, time etc, but when it gets to alignment I just say no. I align the scope North with a compass and set altitude at 0 degrees so the scope is level. Then I set tracking to solar and activate autotrack. Then I manually slew to the sun, find it and centre it in the eyepiece. It should then track OK.

BTW I was looking for info for a solar filter for my Skywatcher Mak 127. I just ordered one for a Celestron 127, convinced it would fit. You guessed, it doesn't fit! No doubt I can adapt it but I wondered if you knew where I could get one for the Skywatcher?



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QldLiz, I had a similar problem with my Mak when solar viewing. Turned out to be light getting through the mount arm cover (the silver bit) and messing up the sensors. Details are here...

Interesting to know! That explains why I had trouble the first time I tried to solar align - I thought it was me that had messed up the brains of the handset - it's been OK since though. Perhaps I've shaded the mount without realizing it.

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How long have you had yours?

I emailed SkyWatcher about it and they eventually got back saying they'd ask the makers (Synta?) to modify the part. I wonder if they actually did anything about it..

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