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Help with imaging with DSLR

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Hi all:hello2:

Sorry if this has already been coved, had a quick search of the forum but did not find anything.

Could someone tell if you can but filters that screw into the front of your lens for your dslr, i have a Nikon D40 and have LP coming out of my ears ( like we all do????) and i don't have a dark site that i can go to ( at the moment )

Thanks :D

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I don't believe there are filters designed for SLR lens threads. The largest I'm aware of is the 2" (48mm) filters. You can possibly get step rings to convert the threads on your lens (58mm ??) down to 48mm to allow you to attach the filter, but that will almost certainly introduce vignetting. I'm not aware of any in body clip in filters available for Nikon.

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Do a Google search for Vintage Cameras. They sell all the step rings going and the prices are okay. They certainly do a 58-48 as i bought one myself. You may get a small amount of vignetting as John says but it's not too severe. Certainly better than the LP.

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Just before you buy a 48mm filter have a look at -

Hutech Light Pollution Filters - SCS Astro

You may not like the price but they are used by some members of the forum. If a larger one is bought you may be able to use one on any other lenses you buy. Also remember that 58mm is the metal ring on the end of the lens, not the glass itself.

Vignetting may not be too bad if the filter is not held too far from the lens. One possitive by product can be that you don't have to close down the lens so far to reduce abberations in your pictures. Think of it as an exterior aperture control ( Some people use this method on purpose ? However, I can't remember the formlae ! )


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