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Anybody know if FLO are open today?

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Hi guys,

Anybody know if FLO are open today? I gave them a ring but no answer (to be fair I did call them at lunch time!).

Also, what's their shop actually like? I mean, is it an actual shop you can visit and look around, or is it a mailorder operation, with not much to see on-site?

I only ask cos I was thinking about visiting them today. I've bought several things from them, but never actually met any of them or seen their premises.

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We recently moved into the Basepoint Business Centre in Exeter where we operate an office/distribution-centre for our online store. We aren't quite at the showroom stage (there are no carpets or pix on the wall, just desks, shelves and racking) but we are happy to receive visitors :headbang: We don't have display items so please phone ahead if you would like to see something set up or demonstrated.

We are generally open Mon-Fri 10am-4pm (we work a heck of a lot longer than that but those are our official opening hours).

Over time we will increase the size of our premises until we have enough space to partition off an area large enough for a showroom... At least that is the plan :)

We recently installed a shiny new phone system and have another member of staff so it is now much easier to contact us by phone. If you do need to leave a message we try very hard to ensure you receive a response same-day or the next working day :o



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