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Can't get Stellarium to run with my graphics card

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Hi guys,

I can't get Stellarium to run on my Desktop PC. I can run it on my small laptop which will be more useful for stargazing at night, but I would like to be able to run it on the bigger screen on my desktop PC so I can have a good play around with it.

The error I have is with atioglxx.dll. I have researched this and found other people have had problems with older ATI graphics cards like mine. I am using a Radeon X800 graphics card with PCI Express. I have tried downloading a new driver for my card but this has made no difference. From what I can see the problem is with OpenGL.

I'd rather not have to buy a new graphics card unless absolutely necessary (my wallet is sulking after some serious astronomy overuse). I don't have any problems with any other software such as Adobe Photoshop, only with Stellarium.

I have posted a query on the Stellarium board, but I wondered if anyone here had a similar problem and had a possible work around.

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I recently downloaded this from the disc on the S@n magazine. I found that it crashed if I opened it from the desktop link but not if I opened it from the start menu in no openGL2 mode.

It runs perfectly this way, as far as I can tell-then again it is the only way I have ever used it...

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hi merlin999

have you tried runnig stellarium in no open gl2 mode

with stellarium ver 0.10.5 you have the choice in the program menu

sorry i see perryellis has the same idea

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I just tried both mods and visually could not see any difference, I would say that it just has the option there for cards which don't support open GL, on some older cards GL might be faster than without.


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Which graphics card are you running at the moment?

Two HD5850's in crossfire, it's quite a beast :(. The X800 must handle OpenGL differently to the 58** cards. Glad you sorted it anyhow :icon_salut:

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