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  1. I picked this up from here a few weeks ago. Sadly, I use a Mac and the USB 2.0 versions don't work on them Selling this on as I can't use it. Looking for what I paid for it which was £100 plus postage and fees Any questions just ask. Thanks
  2. Great replies. Thanks very much guys and especially @Martin Meredith really appreciate the advice. Good thinking on the 290 v 224. I think for a start I might be best to go for the lower number and see how I get on. As I've said, if it works, I'll end up chucking money at it so thanks @R26 oldtimer And also thanks to @Deflavio for the info too. Much apprciated! Thanks all!
  3. Hi All, I'm back after a few years out Anyway, when I first started all this back in 2009/10 I always wanted to stream the live images to a screen so I can involve more people but costs and technology was prohibitive back then (or so I though). So, now I'm back with a child and want to show her some things in the sky. I've dug out my old gear and it still works which is: - Skywatcher 150p - Goto Mount (It's an EQ5 as I retro fitted the goto to it back in about 2013) From what I understand, I could get a ZWO ASI290 and use that on the scope? Ideally I want to do colour and I'm only focusing on bright objects in the sky for now but it would be good to be able to do some nebula and galaxy work on it. However, to start with and to show my daughter, I guess planets are a good place to start. I intend to connect it to my macbook pro (it's an i9 2.9 with 32GB RAM). But, do I need anything else which would be better for the scope/camera? Do I need to do anything with the focal length and if so, what I'm well aware that what I buy now, probably won't see next Jan without being upgraded but I'd rather not get a dud to start off with. So, questions: - Would the ASI290 be a decent start? If not, what? - Do I need an additional focal changes? Again, what is best and where from? - What software is recommended/people used for a Mac? Any advise is much appreciated.
  4. Toadeh

    Been a while

    Been a while since I came here. Nice to see its all still going with the normal wealth of information
  5. How do you mean? What would you look for to start with?
  6. Good new is Found it (Its A pd1001) Bad news is its CMOS (boooo) Ta all
  7. Morning All, I've found an old logitech web cam, ripped it to bits and photo'd the chip. Can anyone tell me, is it CMOS or CCD for just looking at it? Is it going to be worth converting to use for imaging? Thanks All
  8. Binos only. The lighting is just far to bright for anything seriouse. But you can see the major things with the bins.
  9. They might not show the docking live either, depends how they feel.
  10. Ta for the info, will look into those.
  11. Dam, I watched it on the SD on their site. Gutted now
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