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  1. Thanks John. I'll have a hunt around and see if I can find an old pair of sunglasses: I'm sure I have some somewhere. Stephanie
  2. Thanks Warthog that was a very informative post and I really appreciate you telling me about your eye condition. I have retinitis pigmentosa which progressively kills cells in the retina. This leads to large gaps in my field of vision. Another issue is that when the cells are dying, they give very bright flashing lights which my brain manages to mostly ignore though I have little vision in bright sunlight and also little in the dark. The flashing lights are really annoying when looking through the telescope. This is why I rely on my hubby to steer the telescope for me. He is also able to see much fainter objects through the scope than I am. Though I do manage to get fantastic views of Jupiter. Interesting that only the same amount of light is delivered when you add a binoviewer. I was wondering that since the damage to my eyes is not symmetrical and as you say the brain does a marvellous job trying to fill in the blanks, whether providing both eyes with light would let my brain construct a fuller picture. However, I think all this wondering may be slightly moot anyway as I hadn't realised you need two sets of EPs which makes the cost prohibitive for me. I think overall it isn't worth it for me. Thanks everyone for the advice. Stephanie
  3. I've just realised weso I already have a furry hat with flaps. I'll save my towel for other purposes and try out your hat idea next time! And my youngest daughter also has a hat like that so hopefully that should make it easier for her, though she does also have a pirate eyepatch from an old Halloween costume (thanks pvaz) which would also do the trick! Goodness knows what our neighbours are going to think! Thanks weso. Stephanie
  4. Thanks Oldfruit. Yikes, I managed to presuade hubby to buy one Revelation EP set which was over my budget (though a great buy), but I think I have zip chance of persuading him to let me get two sets. So some new EPs and a binoviewer will set me back, gulp, that much. Hmm may have to scratch the idea of binoviewers.... Trevor, after what I've just said, glad I was to read your post to say you didn't find them terribly good. Maybe when I win the lottery (which is unlikely as I never do it) I'll buy some new EPs and a binoviewer. Until then, I think I'll try the towel method. Much cheaper and proof that Douglas Adams was right about the usefulness of towels. Stephanie
  5. Thanks pvaz and Weso, I'll try covering my eyes with a towel or something similar safe in the knowledge that I'm not going to look too silly. Hi Rusty springs, I am sorry to be such a newbie but I don't really follow how the binoviewer would use two EPs. Unless the binoviewer slots into the scope with no EP, and then the two EPS fit within the binoviewer, one in each side leading to each eyepiece in the binoviewer if you see what I mean? Stephanie
  6. Thanks pvaz. Nice to hear my excitement rubs off a bit. Hopefully I don't just bore my kids silly with astronomy! Still I've raised them to be polite so at least they nod and look interested! Rossco72: I'm not sure if hubby could tell the brighter stars through the Finderscope as we used the Rigel to guide to the brighter stars and then across to Albireo so we only used the Finderscope once we were on Albireo. I'll ask him to check that next time we are out. Stephanie
  7. I have mentioned before that my eyesight is not great with areas of my retina being damaged. I do find it hard to see faint light so I was wondering whether binoviewers would help by delivering light to both my eyes. My youngest daughter also said she finds it uncomfortable just viewing with one eye. But I am not sure how they work, especially in terms of EPs. Do they just sort of sit on top of the EP? Do you think binoviewers would help me? If so are there better makes than others out there? Any idea how much I would have to pay? Thanks in advance. Stephanie
  8. We don't have GOTO Sarah so all I need to do when i move it around is re-set North again which only takes a moment or to. So far like you we have been pretty planetary bound. It is very hard to stop looking at Jupiter when there is so much to see! I've yet to see the GRS but it's never been facing us when I've been looking so hopefully soon. Ashamedly apart from the moon (which was fantastic on Saturday, the shaows of the craters were amazing) the only other viewing we have had has been Albireo. But I'm definitely looking forward to spreading my wings a bit now. Thanks Rssco72. It certainly was a wonderful moment when we found finally found it. Yes Helen, I am really really pleased with the Rigel. It was so easy to use and made an almost impossible task effortless. That's a good tip to use the Rigel when we're wandering about the sky. Please do tell me stop though if I start boring you with my stories of finding (easy to find:o) objects! (Too late you say, I know...) I'll have to pour through my Turn Left at Orion book now to plan my next adventure! Stephanie
  9. I've got a lot of trees around our garden, including a couple of very large pine trees. So far thankfully they've not gotten in the way too much, but I do need to move the MAK around the garden quite a bit so I can see what I want to (another good reason for me getting a small portable scope like the MAK) I hope you manage to get the tree sap off OK. That sounds like a tricky and slightly stressful job! Stephanie
  10. Thanks Rich. Sarah, I love the MAK. It is small and light enough for me to easily move it around, very quick to set up and delivers amazing views plus it has the Auto tracking making it easy to show my girls what we are looking at. I think it is a great little scope. Am I right thinking I read that you recently had a problem with some dew staining on yours? Did you manage to sort it out? Stephanie
  11. You may have read my earlier account of our disastrous efforts to find Albireo. And you may have guessed from the title of the thread that we found it. Now believe me, I know in astronomy terms it is very easy to find and could hardly be called a challenge, but we really could not find it with our telescope despite knowing exactly where it was in the sky. But the purchase of a Rigel and a 9x50RACI (both wisely advised by people here) did the trick. Saturday night, we lined the Rigel up using Jupiter (which thankfully even we can't miss!) Then we turned our attention to Albireo. Using the Rigel, my hubby easily pointed the telescope to the area of the sky where he thought it was. Using the Finderscope he adjusted slightly, looked through the telescope and Bingo! We couldn't believe it, there it was exactly where it should have been. Just beautiful. My girls were impressed with the different colours of the two stars. We felt a real sense of achievement. The Rigel really is brilliant and the fact you can dim it was very useful. Only downside is it's not Right Angled so he did find it tricky squatting down to look through it, especially as he tore his ACL in his knee a few years ago. So we are going to invest in a little stool so can sit down while using the Rigel. All in all we had a great night and were really pleased to actually be able to point the telescope at the bit of sky we wanted to. It has certainly given us a real boost and made us eager to go out hunting for more! In the same night we got fantastic views of Jupiter and clearly saw the shadows cast by one of its moons. And it is all down to the great advice from all you guys here. Thanks! Stephanie
  12. Bizibuilder, I may use masking tape for the first couple of times using it until I am sure I have it in the right position. Thanks for that Thanks The Warthog. I think making sure I don't bump into anything definitely rules out the 12 o'clock position. It is good to know I can place it anywhere. Russ. Thanks. Yes, I think I'll try out the 1 o'clock position and see how that goes. Thanks again everyone. Stephanie
  13. Hi, My new 9x50RACI and Rigel arrived today. I have aligned my 9x50RACI (I am definitely getting better at that: I did it in 2 minutes rather than the 20 minutes (and copious swearing) the first time I ever did it!) I was just wanting to check where I should place the Rigel on my 127 MAK. The 9x50RACI is attached using the original bracket and so sits about 11 o'clock if you see what I mean. I thought originally about placing the Rigel to the right, right next to the Finderscope so it sits about 12 o'clock. But, if I am using a 32mmEP you risk bumping your chin on the EP to look through the Rigel. I am presuming you want to get your eyes right up to the Rigel. In that case I thought of shifting it more to the right till it is at almost 1 o'clock. That way you don't bump your face in the EP but that does mean it won't be easy to quickly swap from Rigel to the RACI when star hopping as you'll need to get around the EP. Any advice on where to place the Rigel? I just want to make sure I get it right before I glue the pads on! Thanks Stephanie
  14. Thanks brantuk and Moonshane. Life changing? You know it could well be, even if only just a little! And sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference. I have to admit brantuk, I was very glad to stop dithering and make a decision! I'll definitely be following your advice about using the RDF/RACI as soon as I get them. I can't wait to get back out there and give it a whirl. Stephanie
  15. Well I finally made a decision: I swapped my 9x50RA (not CI) for a 9x50RACI and I have bought a Rigel. I should be getting them in the next few days. Although I really liked the Sky Surfer V, it looked pretty big and I thought a big advantage of the Rigel is that I can have both it and my RACI attached at the same time to give us a sporting chance! So I am hoping my next thread will be titled 'Success at Star Hopping' or something along those lines. Thanks again to everyone for all their advice, much appreciated. Stephanie
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